Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bridal Feature : AB Jayne

Hey Pretties,

Trust you've all been doing well. I have too(i know you want to ask,lol) and running after a 7-month baby has been.... *wipes sweat*.

The 'Acceleration' i've seen in my baby has been amazing - She cut her tooth at 4 months without a fever , she sat up early, crawled early and now tries to stand with the support of anything she can find, even if it's anyone's legs. So amazing!!!

Amidst all that excitement, its been work work work all the way, thanks to referrals from past brides, friends and clients. Thank you all once again, SitPretty Is Blessed to know you all.

AB Jayne is one of the Sweetest, Kind-hearted, Most Considerate & Polite brides i've been opportuned to wait on. I met her 4days ago after communicating via the Blackberry (Love to Hate it,dontcha) and despite the fact that we didn't do a trial, since she isn't based here, she had absolute faith in my abilities.

Thanks to My Wonderful Assistants - Mabel, Molly & Tonia, we were able to get the bride, her bridesmaids and family ready in good time for church

You can't imagine how many times she said thank you to me. So let me say here 'Biola, it was a HUGE HONOR. God Bless Your Marriage & Thank you For 'Sitting Pretty'


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pibona Product Launch

Hey Pretties,

How I have missed sharing what's been happening with me. rather than beat about the bush,I'll get right to it.

Manyyyyy weeks back,I posted an invite to the launch of this Nigerian-owned makeup line PIBONA which took place on the 19th of January 2013 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Lekki. Friends, well-wishers and beauty lovers were in attendance to sample, shop and socialize at the event.

Lipsticks and Lipglosses
The company launched its collection of eye shadows in various gorgeous shades, mineral liquid powder foundation, HD mascaras, brow blenders, long-lasting eyeliners, luxury lip-glosses, luxury matte lipsticks, automatic long lasting lip liners and more.