Friday, August 9, 2013

Product Review : Sleek 'Blush by 3' Blush Palettes in PINK SPRINT & PUMPKIN

Hey Pretties,

You would agree with me that sleek has evolved over the years,Amazingly so! Now, these blush palettes remind me of NARS Blushes which i have never used *sadly*

So i walked into the Sleek studio 2 days ago to get one of my favourite lipglosses and i sighted the blush palettes. Fortunately, i love colors,so i decided to purchase the 2 palettes in the review.

I used both blush palettes on a bride yesterday and the pigmentation was AMAZINGGGGGG. A tap or 2 of your brush does an amazing job at adding warmth to any skin tone.


is a palette that i believe flatters every complexion , but i got it for the very dark ladies most especially. The palette which i dubbed 'PLUMS' are what i believe would come through on the skins of the 'Wande Coal'(s) & 'Alex Wek'(s) of this world *no pun intended*


is a palette which i believe suits medium to light complexions in adding a degree of warmth & color as opposed to Pink Sprint which adds MORE of color to light complexions as opposed to warmth.

What I Love About Them :

- The Color Choices in the Palettes
- The Mirror which is as wide and long as the palette, makes it good enough to be carried for quick touch-ups
- The width & comfort while holding it
- The cost (=N=2000) for 3 'pigmented' blushes, is a good deal
- If you're into depotting, there's no need to do that with this palette as they don't occupy much space & are easy to carry about even in a wallet,compared to carrying 3 different blush pans


- If you're new to makeup and are confused about the shades of blushes to buy, these palettes are a MUST as Sleek has done all the thinking for you.

- If you're a makeup artist, the blush colors were chosen from a great understanding of the Color Wheel (A study of the Florist's color wheel is great proof)

Hopefully, this post has been helpful 

Pretty K

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eid Mubarak !!!

This is wishing all Muslim Readers of my Blog 'EID MUBARAK' on the conclusion of Ramadan(the Holy Month of Fasting).

May all your prayers be answered. Happy Holidays!

Pretty K

Friday, August 2, 2013

In Stock : Lash Glue

Hey Pretties,

Like I promised, I have Lashglue available for those who love those falsies.

Available In Stock are :

- Duo Lash Glue

- Ardell LashGrip

They're both available for =N= 2000 each.

You can place your orders by sending a mail to :

For other products available, please check the ' Beauty Shop ' tab above.

Look forward to your patronage

Pretty K

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Plan To Attend : Color Theory Workshop

Hey Pretties,

Mo Makeovers presents a 1 day seminar for professional makeup artists themed "Colour theory in makeup application". The importance of colour theory cannot be overstated and the workshop is aimed at enlightening makeup artists on the importance of having a working knowledge of colour theory and how it affects the decisions they make concerning colour and other makeup choices.

Highlights of the seminar will include introduction to colour theory, the role of colour theory in makeup and practical demonstrations.

Artists will also be updated on new products in the makeup industry; products that are made specifically for their use. They'll be showed how to use and make the most of these products.

The seminar promises to be a combination of fun, education, information and entertainment, artists will also get to meet and network with colleagues they haven't met before.

I therefore encourage you not to miss it.

Date: August 5, 2013
Time: 9am-4pm
Venue: Pearl Court Hotel, parkview Estate Ikoyi Lagos.

Fee: 22,500 naira only, inclusive of breakfast and buffet lunch.

Pls call 08178654770, 08023386408 for payment details.

There's a 10% student Discount for students who are interested

Pretty K