Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product Review : MAC 217 Blending Brush

Hey Pretties,

In my Arsenal of Tools, there's one brush i never leave home without & it's the MAC 217 Blending Brush.

According to MAC : the 217, can be used for shading or blending of color or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape.


- It is 17cm long, which means it's are very comfortable to hold & work with
- The brass ferrule is nickel-plated, which means it has been protected against 'Corrosion' & 'wear'
- It is hand-sculpted, which means the brush was produced with attention to detail
- It does an effortless job in the blending of eyeshadows,cream products(like concealers) & even powder in hard to reach areas.
- It is easy to clean


- The 217 retails for $27.50 which i must say isn't cheap.
- In event that you use this brush with a very pigmented product (Sugarpill eyeshadows in my case), the bristles of the brush after washing/cleaning don't come off so white.

It is worth every penny & i certainly will repurchase.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with MAC, i bought the product & i'm not been paid to review it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nominations for WED Awards 2013 Now Open

Hey Pretties,

WED Magazine will in 2013 launch it's very first Nigerian Wedding Industry Awards aka WED AWARDS. Here, you get to nominate your business / businesses you have come to love.

To nominate my humble self - SITPRETTY in the category of 'MAKEUP ARTIST OF THE YEAR' OR 'UPCOMING MAKEUP ARTIST OF THE YEAR' and other businesses you respect,  please follow this link : WED Awards to cast your votes

Your votes mean the world to me. Thanks in Earnest


Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY : How To Tie Gele By EWAR Makeovers

Hey Pretties,

Once upon a time,i hated geles & always thought my wedding day will be the 1st & probably last time i would rock the head-piece. As fate would have it,i'm now perfect in the art *wide grin*

That I love Adenike Ogungbe of EWAR Makeovers & i'm a great fan of her work is no news. We happen to be great friends & she's been a blessing in my life.

Few weeks back, she made this video on how to tie gele & i knew i had to share it with those who have difficulty tying their own gele. We all know putting together a You-tube video isn't small work especially if you're a perfectionist, so i commend you Adenike for taking out time to share this knowledge for free.

I hope you found the video helpful.


Product Review : NEUTROGENA Oil-Free Acne Wash

Hey Pretties,

As part of any woman's skin-care regimen, there should be products for CLEANSING , TONING & MOISTURIZING.

In mine, i am a great fan of Neutrogena's OIL-FREE ACNE WASH & believe it or not, my mum introduced the product to me & now, my better half can't do without it either.

I can't begin to tell you how many clients & friends i have recommended this product to & the positive feedback i've gotten.

- It does what it says, it cleans your skin completely especially when you just took off your makeup.
- It helps fight acne,i'm a living testimony
- It's quite affordable for the work it does, it retails between N1,500 & N2,000
- It's available in every reputable pharmacy & beauty supply store.
- It has a nice fragrance, i was able to tolerate it in pregnancy.
- A little goes a long way as it lathers easily when a little water is applied.

- It has none really except that it may be too bulky for travel & so you may have to decant some

Above all, it's a lovely product & i'll purchase it over & over again.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rocking your Bump!!

Hey Pretties,

The 9-month course seems to be a very dreaded period in the life of most women. Asides the Morning Sickness,most people are scared of Bloating & putting on those extra Pounds. 

If there's anything i'm most thankful for,i barely pack on the pounds. The first 4months are usually hell-ish for me. I usually have the Most severe case of 'Hyperemesis Gravidarum' (Morning Sickness) you can think of, which means i throw up even till the 9th month.
I lost 12kg in 1month, i couldn't keep anything down, smells got the best of me & i'm Lactose-Intolerant(can't stomach Milk or any food that contains a slight trace of milk) for the duration of my pregnancy. I was admitted in the hospital on account of severe Dehydration. I thought at a point that i would die.
With My 1st Angel

But as i progressed, i felt better & was able to work better, avoiding every single item that triggered nausea, but sometimes i still had bad days.
An Old Lady At The Mall Commended This Look,lol

But i decided this time around that no matter what, i would LOOK GOOD, DRESS WELL & MAKE MY HAIR(lol).
3 Weeks To My Baby's Birth
A Few Pointers for anyone going through this phase of life :
- Eats Loads of Fruits (Tangerines, Watermelons, Apples, Red & Green Grapes)
- Exercise (Short Walks, go up and down a flight of stairs at least twice a day)
- Read Literature on Pregnancy. There are so many out there that will help you understand the changes your body is experiencing.
- Wear Comfortable, yet stylish clothes & shoes. If you need a hook-up, send me a mail :
- MAKE YOUR HAIRRRRRRRRRR. Your Hubby will be glad you did
- Wear some makeup to liven your face
- Towards the end of your 3rd trimester, you are likely to experience THE MASK OF PREGNANCY (This is when your neck and chest region take a darker tone than you are used to). Your regular makeup may seem too light on you, so if you must wear makeup, get a matching shade.
- Be HAPPY!! It's a wonderful thing that's happening to you, Thank God everyday,pray for your growing baby & look ahead to what's in store for you


My News!!!

Hey Pretties,

Incommunicado,you would say. When you're through with this post,i'm sure you'll forgive me. For many people who haven't seen me the last few months, i bet you didn't know/suspect that i had a new look.

Ok,ok,the gist is that : I'M A MOTHER AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN! Yay!!

On the 6th of October, Heaven blessed me with the most adorable angel you can ever imagine & to top it all up, i'm honored he's made me her custodian.
Photo Credit : TAP Photography
 For those who know me well,i worked my behind off almost every weekend attending to brides and other clients even till the morning i went into the Theatre.

It was the Most Emotional, Stressful, Enjoyable, Relentless 9months of my life & when i look back i'm grateful to God for seeing me through. It wasn't easy i must confess, but working & the smiles & thank you(s) from every client i had down the line convinced me that i could do it. YES I CAN & so can you too no matter what career line you're in.

To all those who prayed for me & others trusting God for the fruit of the womb, I pray that when your turn comes, the Lord will make it easier for you than mine was & may he Gladden your hearts always.

DIE-KO-LOLA-OLUWA (meaning : The Favor & Blessings Of The Lord Are UNQUANTIFIABLE) sends her warm regards.