Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY : How To Tie Gele By EWAR Makeovers

Hey Pretties,

Once upon a time,i hated geles & always thought my wedding day will be the 1st & probably last time i would rock the head-piece. As fate would have it,i'm now perfect in the art *wide grin*

That I love Adenike Ogungbe of EWAR Makeovers & i'm a great fan of her work is no news. We happen to be great friends & she's been a blessing in my life.

Few weeks back, she made this video on how to tie gele & i knew i had to share it with those who have difficulty tying their own gele. We all know putting together a You-tube video isn't small work especially if you're a perfectionist, so i commend you Adenike for taking out time to share this knowledge for free.

I hope you found the video helpful.



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