Monday, July 30, 2012

Product Review : KemiKings (KK Beauty) Lipsticks

Hey Pretties,

Last December,i finally met in person a very dear friend,colleague & inspiration : the Uber-talented Kemi Imevbore-Uwaga.

She was in the country for various gigs & it was just so perfect that she spent a few days in Lagos and gave me 4 of these lipsticks & an eyeshadow base which i all absolutely love.

I honestly can't tell you how much they are worth, but im sure they are reasonably priced for the quality & pigmentation they come with. My favourite of all these colors are Hula & Cranberry.

I'll update this post with swatches shortly

Have you tried any of her products? Pls feel free to tell me which one you own & how you liked them.


Product Review : BODY SHOP Travel Brush Set

Hey Pretties,

Been a bit,my apologies!!

I've been a fan of Body Shop Products since my pre-teen years when i first stumbled across their perfume oils on my Mum's Vanity. Years on,im still a fan of their skin-care products.

You can then imagine my glee when a bride i worked on earlier this year, gave me this set as a gift & i just couldn't wait to try my hands on them.

The Brush set comes with 5 brushes and are stored in a Satin Pouch(wish i could use them as a purse *sad face* ) . According to BODY SHOP : This pretty and practical brush roll set contains five essential make-up tools, including our award-winning, cruelty-free makeup brushes that are gentle on the skin and more durable than animal hair. Brushes stand on aluminum handles.
 1). Brow / Lash Comb : Like any generic one, this helps in the grooming of brows & de-clumping of lashes after mascara. It fits perfectly in the hands.

 2). Satin Pouch : comes with a Monogrammed label & looks soo trendy, but can only store 5 brushes. Easy to wash & won't take much space in a handbag.
 3). Blusher Brush : i'm not particularly a fan of this brush when applying blush because its hard to blend the product. But it can be used in applying other powder products like Powder / Bronzer.
4). Smudger Brush : This i won't recommend for application of eyeshadow, but it's useful in the smudging of eyeshadow along the lower lash line & blending of harsh lines especially in the crease.
 5). Eyeshadow Brush : This synthetic brush is perfect for the application of eyeshadows, eyeshadow primers & creambases.
 6). Lip / Concealer Brush : This is my absolute favorite & does a fantastic job in applying lipstick / spot-concealing. It's also easy to clean

Conclusion : It's a decent brush set for one's personal makeup stash,which i've incorporated into mine. But for the retail price of $75, it will be wise to wait till they're on sale. So if you happen to stop by BODY SHOP, give them a try & please tell me what you think about them.

Pretty K

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hey Pretties,
i was recently offered a weekly column on Genevieve Magazine's online Portal :


and would be delighted if you visited the link above every week and left comments. The column is geared at sharing beauty tips & secrets of your most admired celebrities. This week's feature was Multi-talented Songstress & Song-writer 'TIWA SAVAGE.

I hope you find the column a good read.

Pretty K

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Work : SitPretty for MALLIA HAIR

Hey Pretties,

December last year was quite an exciting one. One of the tasks i had come my way was a photoshoot for MALLIA HAIR owned by a dear friend Bukky. The Plan was get clients who had at one time or the other bought her products,myself inclusive, to model her new human hair styles.

Armed with my tools and daughter in tow(She was on holidays),it took the whole day, but the pictures are worth all the trouble i did that day.Photography was by the talented Temisan Atoyebi of TAP Studios
Curly Hair from the PRIME COLLECTION

Glamour Girl from the ELITE COLLECTION

Tired, Tired Me.Hence the Frowning!

Spotlight Girl from the ELITE COLLECTION

Straight Hair from the PRIME COLLECTION

Wavy Hair from the PRIME COLLECTION
Grateful for the opportunity, i must say i had immense fun & garnered more to the knowledge i already had.

Hope you love the looks i did.

Pretty K

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bridal Makeover : Iphlet

Hey Pretties,

Here's one story i'm always glad to tell. A few months back,i was contacted by the bride in question with regards her Makeup for church (She had gone East to celebrate her Traditional Wedding Ceremony) in Lagos.

She contacted me from a referral by a friend (So she said). Little did i know that her hubby had seen my work somewhere and asked for my contacts, before giving my number to his bride. We spoke, sealed the deal and i looked forward to working my Magic on her.

That Beautiful Day, we went for a Beautiful Smoky Eye & Nude Lips that complemented her Ebony Skin & Demeanor.

Products used :


Sugar Pill 'Poison Plum' Matte Purple Eyeshadow
MAC 'Beautiful Iris' Frost Eyeshadow
MAC 'Carbon' Matte Eyeshadow
Red Cherry Lashes in '747s'


Sleek Contour Kit in 'Medium & Dark'
Black Opal Blush in 'Wild Orchid'

Hope you love the look, pls feel free to recreate.

Pretty K

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lash Haul : Nameless Brand

Hey Pretties,

as a lash-buff, i'm constantly on the look out for lashes i could use on my clients(majorly natural looking kinds).So, you can imagine my delight a few weeks back when i 'stumbled'(literally) upon these lashes at my favourite beauty supply store & i knew i had to buy out the stash they had *evil grin*

For those who attended THE MAKEUP SHOW this year, you must have come across these lashes at Nigel's Beauty Emporium or a few other stalls. But because they are Nameless, i really can't tell you who made them,but i can add that you can get lashes with these model numbers in Ardell,Red Cherry & other great lash brands.






They are made up of high quality human hair, are very light weight & natural-looking when applied. I must repeat, they are extremely light & may be tricky to put on and are reusable. I give them a 3.5 out of 5


They are reasonably affordable, i got them @ $6 a pop.


I got them per chance, but like i stated above, you can find the exact designs in Ardell & Red Cherry.


They are gorgeous-looking & beautiful on the eyes.

Have you used these lashes by any chance? pls feel free to leave your comments below

Pretty K

Product Review : Bdellium Duet Fibre Brush

Hey Pretties,

a few posts back,i introduced Bdellium brushes to those who aren't familiar with the brand & showed the brushes i added to my Work kit!

I must say that before i give a review,i must have washed (you always want to wash new brushes before using them), used & washed them again.

Front View
According to Bdellium, the brush :
  • Is perfect for flawless application
  • Has luxuriously lacquered wooden handles for convenience
  • Bristles are treated with an antibacterial agent to preserve skin quality
  • Creates very smooth textures on skin
  • Can be used with liquid and cream foundations
Top View

I must say this brush shed just a hair when i washed it & it did a very good job at blending foundation and concealer especially in hard to reach areas like the Undereye area / the Nose.


It's a reasonably affordable brush & it retails for $12.32 at Bdellium Tools .


It can be purchased online through the link i wrote above or at Makeup Trade Shows such as The Makeup Show


The Brushes,which are from the STUDIO LINE, are pleasing to the Eye. The Yellow Signature Brush handles makes it a stunner at any point. The Lacquered handles gives the assurance that the brush will last quite a long time without looking old.


Bdellium prides in stating that their Brushes are Anti-bacterial (haven't seen any proof of such), but the brushes comes clean with every wash and dry, leaving no awful smells or stiff bristles.

Have you used any brushes from this line, pls feel free to share your thoughts on their performance by leaving a comment below

Pretty K