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              Urban Decay Primer Potion(UDPP) In Sin!

I actually got this primer by mistake. i had ordered this through a friend & was looking to buy the Primer Potion in Eden. My friend ordered this instead & because it's a little bit pricey, i knew i couldn't throw it away.

There are mixed reviews on makeup forums, but i will make this review as personal as possible.

This product comes in a 'Genie-Looking' container, with an applicator. The product in it is a shimmery champagne colour, which needs to be blended,i would say with your fingers. A little product goes a long way, because if not properly blended, it might crease.

I only use this product when i need to have my eyeshadows on for a while,because it's very hard to remove from the skin.


1). Perfect for Oily lids
2). Perfect for shimmery shadows
3). Glides smoothly
4). A little goes a long way


1). Poor packaging limits the amount of product you get out of it
2). Very pricey
3). Doesn't work well under Matte shadows
4). Might crease when heavily applied
5). Very difficult to clean off

I hope this review was helpful. If you actually need to use UDPP, i would advise you try it in the original Formula, which you can then use under both Matte & Shimmery Shadows.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way in affiliation with any of the companies whose products i display, i bought them with my own money & im not been paid to review their products.

                                                                  MAC 217 Blending Brush

In my Arsenal of Tools, there's one brush i never leave home without & it's the MAC 217 Blending Brush.

According to MAC : the 217, can be used for shading or blending of color or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape.


- It is 17cm long, which means it's are very comfortable to hold & work with
- The brass ferrule is nickel-plated, which means it has been protected against 'Corrosion' & 'wear'
- It is hand-sculpted, which means the brush was produced with attention to detail
- It does an effortless job in the blending of eyeshadows,cream products(like concealers) & even powder in hard to reach areas.
- It is easy to clean


- The 217 retails for $27.50 which i must say isn't cheap.
- In event that you use this brush with a very pigmented product (Sugarpill eyeshadows in my case), the bristles of the brush after washing/cleaning don't come off so white.

It is worth every penny & i certainly will repurchase.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with MAC, i bought the product & i'm not been paid to review it. 

                  NEUTROGENA Oil-Free Acne Wash 

As part of any woman's skin-care regimen, there should be products for CLEANSING , TONING & MOISTURIZING.

In mine, i am a great fan of Neutrogena's OIL-FREE ACNE WASH & believe it or not, my mum introduced the product to me & now, my better half can't do without it either.

I can't begin to tell you how many clients & friends i have recommended this product to & the positive feedback i've gotten.

- It does what it says, it cleans your skin completely especially when you just took off your makeup.
- It helps fight acne,i'm a living testimony
- It's quite affordable for the work it does, it retails between N1,500 & N2,000
- It's available in every reputable pharmacy & beauty supply store.
- It has a nice fragrance, i was able to tolerate it in pregnancy.
- A little goes a long way as it lathers easily when a little water is applied.

- It has none really except that it may be too bulky for travel & so you may have to decant some

Above all, it's a lovely product & i'll purchase it over & over again.


                             Mabrook Matte Eyeshadow 

As promised,this is my 1st review from my Bm Pro Purchase. A year ago,my dear friend Moji of MoMakeovers who happens to be a very devoted Bm Pro customer, brought my attention to this particular product & called it the Blackest Matte Shadow she's ever come across.

And my search for the blackest black over the years led me to MAC's 'Carbon' Eyeshadow & Urban Decay's 'Blackout' Eyeshadow. So,when i got the chance to get some at the BmPro Sale Event at 1/2 Price,i didn't hesitate and from the pictures below, you might not have come across anything this black.

Ingredients : Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Kaoline, Propyl Paraben, Mineral Oil, Lanolin & Iron Oxide
R - Blended Swatch
Verdict :
- If you have a challenge blending eyeshadows, this eyeshadow isn't for you.
- It's severely pigmented (i mean, it's like, you can't imagine) & it took more than soap and water to get it off my hand. This means a little goes a veryyyyyyy long way.
- Like most eyeshadows, it leaves some fall-out. So ensure you tap your brush off before applying / ensure you have some form of security so it doesn't ruin your makeup.

Have you used any product darker & more pigmented than this? Pls share with me


         Zaron Lipliner pencils in 'Cappuccino' & 'Prune Juice' 

Its been pretty busy the last couple of weeks & in between Bridal assignments, i spend my days of late resting. I'll share why soon ;-)

So when i visited the Zaron studio a few months ago to check out the products they had to offer,i decided to go for colors i knew i didn't have in my already bulky pencil organizer. Hence, my settling for these 2 colors.

'Cappuccino' is your regular medium brown color, while 'Prune Juice' is  a lovely medium purple shade (By now,i'm sure you're aware that i love purple). Prune Juice is what i used in this post : Clean Beauty 
 & Cappuccino is what i used in this post : Keeping It Simple .

 They both apply easily and are easy to blend in with your fingers or a lip brush. They can be topped with any light or dark color of your choice as you can see in both posts,where i applied the same lipstick over them.

Verdict : They are both great products & i definitely will repurchase.


                                              ALMAY Eye Makeup Remover Pads

For a while now, i have been using this product on myself & on my clients and my love for the product is why i'm sharing it with you.

Have u ever had to wear liners and mascara & had difficulty taking off the product after a long day & carry about the residue when you're tired of tugging at your eyes and later itching your eyes repeatedly? Pls forgive my rambling, not taking off your eye makeup is the likely culprit.

Makeup Remover Pads (and not Baby Wipes) are the way to go and are no different from using a Makeup Remover liquid on dry cotton pads. But with makeup remover pads, the pads are pre-soaked in eye makeup remover liquid & you have no lint sticking to your lashes.I can bet your eyes will thank you for it. .

 According to ALMAY,
- The pads remove makeup without any irritation (I Agree)
- They leave no greasy residue
- They are Hypoallergenic (means - It has a decreased/lesser tendency to cause Allergies)
- They are suitable for Contact-lens wearers (which i happen to be)

To show you how effective they are, i made swatches of 3 lipsticks on my hand & then in one swipe,took them off with the makeup remover pad.

L - Lipstick swatches ; R - Swatches removed in one swipe
I hope i have been able to convince you about it's efficacy. Now, you have no excuse not to take off all your eye makeup.

Remember, if you can't find this product, you can use any generic oil-free makeup remover pad! Pls feel free to leave your comments or send me a mail :


Casabella Matte Eyeshadows in 'Navajo Brown' & 'Sangria' 

I have been a huge fan of Casabella Beauty for 2years owned by Mrs Bukola George who also owns & runs the prestigious 'Healthplus' Pharmacy in Nigeria.

Both businesses i patronise often & so this isn't an advert for them,but great brands should be celebrated once in a while.

Anyway,Casabella owns the REVLON franchise in Nigeria & carry other brands like MAC,Studio Secrets,Almay,Bobbi Brown,Milani, you name it!

So imagine my joy when i learnt they had their own brand, but the catch is : THEY AREN'T BRANDED! Why? i'm absolutely clueless.


- They are highly pigmented. A little swipe goes a long way.
- They're very easy to blend.
- Even though they are Eyeshadows, they double as Blushes (only if you have a light hand).
- The price point is very reasonable for 3grams of Product.
- Navajo Brown triples as an Eyebrow Powder(Good Value for your Money if you ask me).

As a great fan of matte eyeshadows , this is one purchase i'll be making Over & Over & Over Again!!

So if you happen to be in any of the Shoprite Malls ( Lekki, Suru-lere & Ikeja ), stop by Casabella & be sure to say who referred you.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with Casabella , i bought the products & i'm not been paid to review them.

 Zaron Luxurious Lipglosses in ' 24Karat ' & ' Barbie Doll '

2 months back,i decided to visit Zaron's Studio in Ikoyi to look through the products they had to offer, test some & then make a purchase.

I'm personally not good with new brands, but i like to slowly integrate them into my kit. SO my purchases ended up being lipglosses & pencils(review coming later).

Of the 4 lipglosses i chose, these 2 happen to be my favorite : Barbie Doll & 24 Karat.


24 Karat

- Thick in texture
- Applies easily with good stay
- Peachy Pink in colour

Barbie Doll

- Also thick in texture
- Light Pink with a great show of shimmer

Cons - I'm not a Great Fan of the fragrance(which i'm a sucker for), but asides that. It's a Fantastic Product.

So get yours at the nearest Zaron Outlet. Happy Shopping!


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with Zaron, i bought the products & i'm not been paid to review them.

                       KemiKings (KK Beauty) Lipsticks
Last December,i finally met in person a very dear friend,colleague & inspiration : the Uber-talented Kemi Imevbore-Uwaga.

She was in the country for various gigs & it was just so perfect that she spent a few days in Lagos and gave me 4 of these lipsticks & an eyeshadow base which i all absolutely love.

I honestly can't tell you how much they are worth, but im sure they are reasonably priced for the quality & pigmentation they come with. My favourite of all these colors are Hula & Cranberry.

I'll update this post with swatches shortly

Have you tried any of her products? Pls feel free to tell me which one you own & how you liked them.


                           BODY SHOP Travel Brush Set 

I've been a fan of Body Shop Products since my pre-teen years when i first stumbled across their perfume oils on my Mum's Vanity. Years on,im still a fan of their skin-care products.

You can then imagine my glee when a bride i worked on earlier this year, gave me this set as a gift & i just couldn't wait to try my hands on them.

The Brush set comes with 5 brushes and are stored in a Satin Pouch(wish i could use them as a purse *sad face* ) . According to BODY SHOP : This pretty and practical brush roll set contains five essential make-up tools, including our award-winning, cruelty-free makeup brushes that are gentle on the skin and more durable than animal hair. Brushes stand on aluminum handles.
 1). Brow / Lash Comb : Like any generic one, this helps in the grooming of brows & de-clumping of lashes after mascara. It fits perfectly in the hands.

 2). Satin Pouch : comes with a Monogrammed label & looks soo trendy, but can only store 5 brushes. Easy to wash & won't take much space in a handbag.
 3). Blusher Brush : i'm not particularly a fan of this brush when applying blush because its hard to blend the product. But it can be used in applying other powder products like Powder / Bronzer.
4). Smudger Brush : This i won't recommend for application of eyeshadow, but it's useful in the smudging of eyeshadow along the lower lash line & blending of harsh lines especially in the crease.
 5). Eyeshadow Brush : This synthetic brush is perfect for the application of eyeshadows, eyeshadow primers & creambases.
 6). Lip / Concealer Brush : This is my absolute favorite & does a fantastic job in applying lipstick / spot-concealing. It's also easy to clean

Conclusion : It's a decent brush set for one's personal makeup stash,which i've incorporated into mine. But for the retail price of $75, it will be wise to wait till they're on sale. So if you happen to stop by BODY SHOP, give them a try & please tell me what you think about them.

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