Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty Makeover : Clean Beauty!

Hey Pretties,

Ejiro happens to be a current student of mine & as part of the training i give,i teach DIY where i help you identify the strongest features of your face & show you how to make them look stunning.

Ejiro's idea of makeup (The Way She Came That Morning)

I believe a makeup artist/any woman in the beauty industry should be able to project her services just by the way she appears . I mean, you can't sell Spa beauty treatments to someone when you have awful & scarred skin & expect good business.

That aside,we began the class with a proper foundation & concealer routine. I Shared the importance of applying makeup on very clean skin as well as the effectiveness of Primers. You can judge by her picture below the difference doing so makes.

A Proper Base Laid Out

Then, i went ahead to show her how to bring out the eyes,lips & face without a Myriad of wild looking-colors. Most clients i've met believe the louder the colors, the more work you've done. I BEG TO DIFFER!!


 Products Used

- MaryKay Medium Coverage Foundation in 607
- Black Opal Stick Foundation in Nutmeg
- Milani Mineral Powder in Warm & Iman Powder in Earth Dark
- Casabella 'Sangria' Eyeshadow as Blush

- MAC 'Paradisco' Eyeshadow
- MAC 'Hepcat' Eyeshadow
- Casabella 'Sangria' Eyeshadow (in the crease)
- MAC 'Fig1' & 'Embark' Eyeshadows (Outer Corner of the eye)

- Zaron 'Prune Juice' Lipliner pencil
- Milani 'Pink Mood' Lipstick
- Sleek 'Champagne' Lipgloss

 Pls feel free to try this look as i made it easy enough for anyone to attempt. Ensure always that you WEAR your makeup & not the other way round. I do pray Ejiro does same.



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