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Im 'Kunbi,an Engineer by Training, but a Budding Entrepreneur.Im a Makeup Artist & I love Every Form of Art, Makeup Application Represents. I Believe Makeup Is ART & the Face is my Canvas.

I first got into makeup when i was a toddler & came across my mum's vanity filled with all sorts of makeup Fashion Fair had to offer. I was amazed by the blushes most especially, her wigs, Vintage earrings, shoes, bags & jewelry.

Later on,my stint with makeup was off & on till a few years ago when i watched 'Banke Meshida' transform a cousin of mine on her Wedding day & the rest is history.

Pretty World will feature The Most delightful Beauty Articles & might i add that i recently added writing Beauty Articles for Various Fashion Magazines to my Répertoire(My Parents being Journalists must be thanked for inspiring me).

Thanks for sharing my world with me

Pretty K!!

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