Sunday, January 29, 2012

Product Review : Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) in Sin!

Hey Pretties,

I actually got this primer by mistake. i had ordered this through a friend & was looking to buy the Primer Potion in Eden. My friend ordered this instead & because it's a little bit pricey, i knew i couldn't throw it away.

There are mixed reviews on makeup forums, but i will make this review as personal as possible.

This product comes in a 'Genie-Looking' container, with an applicator. The product in it is a shimmery champagne colour, which needs to be blended,i would say with your fingers. A little product goes a long way, because if not properly blended, it might crease.

I only use this product when i need to have my eyeshadows on for a while,because it's very hard to remove from the skin.


1). Perfect for Oily lids
2). Perfect for shimmery shadows
3). Glides smoothly
4). A little goes a long way


1). Poor packaging limits the amount of product you get out of it. Most especially the Wand
2). Very pricey
3). Doesn't work well under Matte shadows
4). Might crease when heavily applied
5). Very difficult to clean off

I hope this review was helpful. If you actually need to use UDPP, i would advise you try it in the 'Original' Formula, which you can then use under both Matte & Shimmery Shadows.

Thanks for Reading

Pretty K

DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with Urban Decay, i bought the Product & i'm not been paid to review it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My 1st Matte Lippies!!

Hey Pretties, now, this is no news,so why write about it?

Honestly, most of the lipsticks you find in Lagos are either Creamy or sparkly. Hardly would you come across a truly matte lipstick. When i ordered my very 1st MAC haul (See Post Here ) , i decided to go the Matte way & get me 2 mattes in the color range i use a lot, Red & Pink and i settled for the Very Popular RUBY WOO & PLEASE ME!!

Please Me

Ruby Woo


Please Me (I know i look funny,but applied with a darker lip liner,i'm sure my lips would look better.i'm no Nicky Minaj :))


A). Ruby Woo
 -  Rubywoo's the Perfect Shade of Red that goes with every Undertone/ Skin complexion and because of its Deep Blue Hue, it one of the safest reds you'll find out there,
   -  Because it's a Matte Lipstick, you'll do well to moisturize your lips say 30mins before application.
   Matte Lipsticks have a tendency to be very drying & enhance imperfections in any lip like Chaps & Blisters.
 -  It goes on very red, but not without you having to apply straight from the tube, a solution which made me break some into my lip palette. I do this a lot when any lippie tries to frustrate me.
 -  It's important to line your lips with a Red Lip pencil, a shade close to the shade of red rubywoo comes in, as close to your inner lip, otherwise, you end up with a lip that looks like this within minutes.

Now, you don't want to go anywhere with such lips :(

B). Please Me
 -  This on the other hand is a matte lipstick that's very uncommon.
 -  It's a shade of Baby Pink lipstick that reminds you of your Barbie doll as a kid, Nicky Minaj & Cotton Candy all wrapped in one.
-  If you have moderately shaped lips like mine, be ready to see your lips looking twice bigger. Being the shade it is, it gives instant volume to your lips.
-  If you have even bigger lips than mine, it would be more flattering if you applied a plum or berry lipliner or lipstick at the edges of the lips just to give some contrast. The darker your complexion is, the greater the need for you to do this.
-  It's as matte as Ruby woo above & you'll also do well to moisturize your lips before application

So hopefully, this review has been helpful for anyone considering getting any of these lipsticks. First choice been Rubywoo of course.

Thanks for reading,
Pretty K

Bridal Makeover : ROLLY DOODLE!!!

Hey Pretties,

I wonder why no bride believes me when i say they have gorgeous skin before a makeover

Darling Rolly

in my previous post, i talked about how i met rolly & also included her 'before'. And so my darling friend & client got hitched & though i'm not new at working with brides, she was one bride i prayed so hard not to disappoint & thank God, she loved her transformation & i hope you do too.
Day 1 : Traditional Wedding (or Engagement as we call it)

You've got to love this shot she took before Dressing up

Products Used :

Face : Same as in the Previous Post

EyesMAC Paintpot in 'Soft Ochre' ; MAC 'Paradisco' , 'Hepcat' & 'Carbon' eyeshadows &
           BM Pro 'Moccasin' eyeshadow ;

Lips : Bm Pro Lipstick in 'Mahogany' , Milani Creamy Velvet Lipcolor in '210 Luxurious'
           L'oreal HIP Brilliant Shine lipgloss in '135 Panther Pink' & '748 Enchanting'

Cheeks : Black Opal Blush in 'Wild Orchid' & Black Radiance Sheer Blush in 'Plum Sorbet'

In her Engagement Attire & Jewelry
Off She Went
Day 2 : Church Wedding (Her makeup was a thing of concern since she was wedding in MFM(a church for those who don't know)& even though she wanted a bright look, we opted for something subtle, yet polished & delectable)

Her white Wedding

Products Used :

Face : Same as in the Previous Post

Eyes : MAC Paintpot in 'Soft Ochre' ; MAC 'Hepcat' & 'Vibrant Grape' eyeshadows &
           BM Pro 'Moccasin' eyeshadow

Lips : Milani Color Perfect Lipstick In '31A Pink Mood'  &
           L'oreal HIP lipgloss in '578 Adoring'

Cheeks : Black Opal Blush in 'Wild Orchid' , Sleek Contour Kit in 'Medium'

Some fierceness going on right there ;o)

Her Gorgeous Hair
Ps: I'm sorry i can't remember what pencils i used on her lips :o(
I hope you liked her Bridal looks & for those getting married soon, have an idea of how you want to look on that special day.

Thanks for reading,

Pretty K


Hey Pretties,

last year i was opportuned (i use this word a lot because i believe everyday God gives to us presents an opportunity which we either take advantage of or destroy with our actions) to work on one of the most beautiful women i have ever met (dark-complexioned women, pls take note!!).

A mutual friend referred me to Rolly & after a bridal trial, the deal was sealed.

Gorgeousness though Bare!!

Trust me, she didn't hesitate to tell me what she didn't like

U don't have to wear reds all the time, try something Peachy
Products Used :

Face : Flori Roberts Cream to Powder Foundations in 'Sepia E3' & 'Mocha E6'
           MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder

Eyes : MAC Coppering & Embark eyeshadows , BM Pro Moccasin

Cheeks : Black Opal 'Peachtree' Blush

Lips : Milani '203 Deluxe' & '208 Cashmere' Velvet Creamy Lipcolor

Rolly is an absolutely calm person and if she didn't feel something, she spoke her mind immediately which i think is very cool. She had great faith in me & that meant the world to me.

Fastforward to the d-days, Engagement & White Wedding, i must confess, her transformations were Top-notch. Some People are just blessed with Beauty & Rolly darling, you are one of them!!

The Next Post unveils how she looked on both occasions

Pretty K


Hey Pretties and welcome new followers,

Last October, i got a whole bunch of MAC products i would like to share with you.These are products i've craved for years & through various means, was able to finally get them.

Amongst the lot are MAC's Fix + , Strobe Cream , Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder , Matte Lipsticks (Rubywoo & Please Me) , Brush Cleaner, Some Matte, Frost & Mineralised Shadows.

They've been used and subsequent posts will contain looks i did with them with reviews as well.

Brush Cleaner, Fix+, Prep + Prime , Lipsticks & Strobe Cream

MAC Shadows

MAC Brush Cleaner

MAC Fix+

MAC Lipsticks

MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Finishing Powder

MAC Carbon Eyeshadow (One of their most popular shadows)

Heaven & Earth Mineralized Shadow
Threesome Mineralized shadow
 So, wanna know how they played out. Please check subsequent posts.

Pretty K

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hey Pretties,

so it's no news that i'm a great Fan of Kemi Imevbore-Uwaga (better known as Kemi Kings) , a UK-based Nigerian-born Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist whose skills & Knowledge of the art & makeup Industry wow me.

City People Advert which Ran for Many Weeks. Kemi is a Big girl o,lol

Though we hadn't met in Person before she came for the Seminar, Social media helped a lot. Anyway, that aside, Kemi is a great person to be around and isn't puffed-up by her Success / Recognition OR afraid to share knowledge with anyone she meets.

Kemi, if you're reading this, that's what i honestly think about you.

Publisher of City People Magazine, Mr Seye Kehinde, giving a brief intro
Participants introducing Themselves

The Lady who came all the way from Ibadan

The Only Male participant who actually is a Photographer by profession

Remember her?? Our Ibadan Participant who eventually became the Model. She came too far :o)

Kemi's Work Station

Books she recommends

Buffer Brush

Know your Brushes?

A Final word before the actual Demo
One Side done, Onto the Next
tudents each had a go at working on the Model's Face, with Kemi supervising where needed

Student applying the Eyeshadow Base & Blending it

Student applying mascara using a Disposable Wand, Straight from the Tube has Health risks you want to avoid

Students applying Glue on the Strip lash
I'm sure you can tell which side Kemi worked on

Bending the Lashes, so it fits the Curvature of the eyes

I was called upon to teach the students how to do the lips, which i was very happy to share & here's her Final Look.

Some attendees

Last but Not the Least, She & I ;) (I wonder what we were looking at)
I hope this post was helpful