Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hey Pretties,

so it's no news that i'm a great Fan of Kemi Imevbore-Uwaga (better known as Kemi Kings) , a UK-based Nigerian-born Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist whose skills & Knowledge of the art & makeup Industry wow me.

City People Advert which Ran for Many Weeks. Kemi is a Big girl o,lol

Though we hadn't met in Person before she came for the Seminar, Social media helped a lot. Anyway, that aside, Kemi is a great person to be around and isn't puffed-up by her Success / Recognition OR afraid to share knowledge with anyone she meets.

Kemi, if you're reading this, that's what i honestly think about you.

Publisher of City People Magazine, Mr Seye Kehinde, giving a brief intro
Participants introducing Themselves

The Lady who came all the way from Ibadan

The Only Male participant who actually is a Photographer by profession

Remember her?? Our Ibadan Participant who eventually became the Model. She came too far :o)

Kemi's Work Station

Books she recommends

Buffer Brush

Know your Brushes?

A Final word before the actual Demo
One Side done, Onto the Next
tudents each had a go at working on the Model's Face, with Kemi supervising where needed

Student applying the Eyeshadow Base & Blending it

Student applying mascara using a Disposable Wand, Straight from the Tube has Health risks you want to avoid

Students applying Glue on the Strip lash
I'm sure you can tell which side Kemi worked on

Bending the Lashes, so it fits the Curvature of the eyes

I was called upon to teach the students how to do the lips, which i was very happy to share & here's her Final Look.

Some attendees

Last but Not the Least, She & I ;) (I wonder what we were looking at)
I hope this post was helpful


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  1. Hey, nice blog! Please I would like to know where you bought your false eyelashes and the duo adhesive glue. I wouldn't mind a number or something to contact them with cause I don't stay in Lagos I stay in Enugu .


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