Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bridal Makeover : ROLLY DOODLE!!!

Hey Pretties,

I wonder why no bride believes me when i say they have gorgeous skin before a makeover

Darling Rolly

in my previous post, i talked about how i met rolly & also included her 'before'. And so my darling friend & client got hitched & though i'm not new at working with brides, she was one bride i prayed so hard not to disappoint & thank God, she loved her transformation & i hope you do too.
Day 1 : Traditional Wedding (or Engagement as we call it)

You've got to love this shot she took before Dressing up

Products Used :

Face : Same as in the Previous Post

EyesMAC Paintpot in 'Soft Ochre' ; MAC 'Paradisco' , 'Hepcat' & 'Carbon' eyeshadows &
           BM Pro 'Moccasin' eyeshadow ;

Lips : Bm Pro Lipstick in 'Mahogany' , Milani Creamy Velvet Lipcolor in '210 Luxurious'
           L'oreal HIP Brilliant Shine lipgloss in '135 Panther Pink' & '748 Enchanting'

Cheeks : Black Opal Blush in 'Wild Orchid' & Black Radiance Sheer Blush in 'Plum Sorbet'

In her Engagement Attire & Jewelry
Off She Went
Day 2 : Church Wedding (Her makeup was a thing of concern since she was wedding in MFM(a church for those who don't know)& even though she wanted a bright look, we opted for something subtle, yet polished & delectable)

Her white Wedding

Products Used :

Face : Same as in the Previous Post

Eyes : MAC Paintpot in 'Soft Ochre' ; MAC 'Hepcat' & 'Vibrant Grape' eyeshadows &
           BM Pro 'Moccasin' eyeshadow

Lips : Milani Color Perfect Lipstick In '31A Pink Mood'  &
           L'oreal HIP lipgloss in '578 Adoring'

Cheeks : Black Opal Blush in 'Wild Orchid' , Sleek Contour Kit in 'Medium'

Some fierceness going on right there ;o)

Her Gorgeous Hair
Ps: I'm sorry i can't remember what pencils i used on her lips :o(
I hope you liked her Bridal looks & for those getting married soon, have an idea of how you want to look on that special day.

Thanks for reading,

Pretty K


  1. Thanks Stella Darling, I'm still vexing that you came to Nigeria & didn't holler :(

  2. What? She got married at MFM and you got her looking this gorgeous? Awesome job! I especially love her eyebrows. Did you do her hair as well?

  3. Thank you dear. Unfortunately, i didn't dear, but i must confess he did a fantastic job

  4. Pls did she really use all d jewellery nd makeup to wed in mfm?

    1. Makeup - Yes! Jewelry was just for pictures!*9


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