Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keeping Up Appearances!!

Hey Pretties,

this post title is exactly what i've been doing. Since 'Nike's passing,i haven't been able to think straight because it's still hard to believe she isn't a phone call away.

The same can be said about all those who related closely with her, family & friends alike. I completely lost interest in blogging because there was nothing to be excited about. A few days ago,i gave myself a reality jolt because she would in no way support the morose attitude.

Haba! Do i want God to vex for me? < ---- That's exactly what she would say. Adenike, me i miss you oo & can never forget you. You remain dear to me, my journey as a makeup artist isn't complete without talking about how wonderful a friend you were.

Shine On Adenike!!!

Pretty K

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Live In My Heart - Adenike Ogungbe!


Wednesday July 3rd,2013 is so far the saddest day of my life.A priceless jewel in the Nigerian Makeup Industry went to be with the Lord. Adenike Ogungbe (Head Makeup Artist at Ewar Makeovers) :  Kind-hearted, Loving, Funny, Blunt, Talented, Savvy, Polished, God-fearing, Persistent, Motivated, Genuine - these are just a few words to describe my dear friend,sister and confidante .

Doing her thing while people watched & learnt
Though we were colleagues in the industry, she inspired me and always made sure I got the recognition she felt my art deserved. We learnt so much together, our hang-outs, lunch dates and photo sessions are most cherished.

I owe the pictures in the banner head of my blog to her because she captured all of them superbly & i'll cherish them forever.

Full of wisdom beyond her years,Adenike was a fighter,dogged and would not settle for less. Oh death,where is thy sting?

You taught with Passion

It's hard to talk about you in 2nd Person. When we spoke, it was refreshing. If i sounded funny / upset about something, you made sure you got to the root of the matter. If there was a business venture, you made sure i knew about it & joined if i was interested. You taught me how to save - Do Ajo ; Make a 'Kolo' , you helped me perfect my gele tying when i struggled with it - I still can't tie like you.

You referred me to clients as often as possible, you did your things judicilously. You were a wonderful boss to your staff, noone was beneath you. We would talk about You-tube gurus, rave about the newest mac lipsticks you acquired. Compare notes with makeup products, skin types.

Your 1st & Only You-tube Video was a hit, despite the rubbish commenters on Bella Naija!

A few days ago, you asked me to buy you a certain blemish cream i used. I've gotten it for you Adenike, how do i get it across to you??? oh My God!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we all can do a good job of telling your daughter how remarkable a woman her mother is / was. You were a Role Model. You had great plans for your daughter, some that noone knew.

I miss you darling and if there was a thing as another life, I would choose you again to be my friend and sister.

I Saved All Your Pictures When You Still Used a Blackberry

I Still remain Your Greatest Fan With A Bruised Heart!!!