Saturday, October 23, 2010


A friend brought it to my attention that most of you may have tried to leave a comment on my posts & haven't been able to.The truth is that i set the comments in such a way that anyone can comment.

So,to leave a comment:

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It's that easy.Please,feedback is very important as it helps me help you better.

Thanks for being a part of my blogging experience.

Pretty K!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


This Blog is intended to help people who have questions to ask & often don't get them answered so i hope these posts help.

When i say 'BASE',i mean your Foundation.I find that most women don't wear foundation for the fear of having their faces feel heavy.I agree once in a while, you should let your skin breathe.But foundations truly arent heavy if applied right & besides that,foundations do a lot more as stated below:

  • Evens out your complexion
  • Acts as a base for your Powder
  • Covers imperfections & scars
  • Gives you a more radiant complexion
  • Gives the appearance of flawless skin
  • Masks under eye circles depending on how intense they are


These are packaged in tubes,bottles & dispensers for easy application. They are top on my list because they are my absolute favorite. Most women love this formulation because it's fast & easy to apply,but can leave streaks if not properly blended or if you have 'Correctly' applied an 'Incorrect' shade,lol(Please check my previous post on how to get better results during application)

They come in Medium-coverage & full coverage formulas & every makeup brand makes them for Normal,Dry,Oily to Combination Skin.


These come either in Retractable stick form or in little pots. They have the dual capacity of Foundation & concealer,meaning that they have the best coverage available. They are created for dry skin,but of course,with th eright knowledge of how to apply,oily skin can also enjoy its coverage.Its also quick & easy to apply.


These actually come in Powder form & are lighter than the liquid version. They can be dusted on with brushes,but i know most women prefer the powder puffs(hmm,please get brushes).

This formulation gives u a barely-there feel, but could dry out your,it is mostly better for women with oily skin & because research has been carried out extensively on mineral makeup. They are said to be GOOD for the skin.So,try it today.


This is created mainly for oily skin & is intended to help keep skin looking matte,but may be very drying for people with dry skin. It's also a good alternative to liquids.


This i truly havent tried,but will let you know when i do.They are cream foundation with a 'Whipped' consistency.They claim to be the ideal formula in the sense that they apply as smoothly as the liquid does,but gives a finishing look resembling that of having used powder.Make sure that if you have to try this formula,you get the 'Matte' variant because it might leave oily skin looking even oilier.

It gives medium coverage,meaning that if you have lots of imperfections to hide,this is certainly not for you.It's also great for older skin as they do not settle into fine lines as opposed to most.


This works with the same concept Airbrush makeup does.Since it comes in a can,like any aerosol product,it should be shaken properly before spraying.You can spray unto a sponge or your skin.


This is simply a moisturizer that has a hint of color to it.It gives light coverage for days when you want a natural looking,please do not expect coverage of the liquid or cream consistencies.

But guess what,it makes a fantastic option for people with annoyingly dry skin due to it's moisturizing qualities.Older skin would love this as they also do not settle into fine lines & most have SPF protection.

The first key when purchasing a product isn't in the Brand or Price,though brand & reviews come into play most times.The key is in matching your skin & foundation,not just matching your skin,but matching your neck as well with your face. This helps to prevent a harsh line of demarcation between your neck & face.After you must have done this,you have other things you should consider.

With regards consistency & textures,this should guide you:

GOOD SKIN with Barely any scars: Sheer Liquid Foundation that applies easily

OILY/ACNE-PRONE SKIN : Oil control Liquid Foundation/Foundations formulated for Oily skin.

SKIN WITH FEW SPOTS: A full coverage Liquid Foundation/cream to powder Formulation would suffice.

HYPERPIGMENTED SKIN/SKIN WITH LOTS OF ACNE SCARS: A stick/cream foundation would be ideal. When blended properly,it leaves a seamless finish you would love.

Word of note: BLEND BLEND BLEND,like it's no (wo)man's business.

If you are about to buy your Foundation without being able to try it on,please go where such services are rendered for free.For tropic regions like ours where the intensity of the sun changes over time,it's very likely that at a point,your foundation might need to be changed.

So a key advice is to use Sunscreen lotions with SPF(Sun-Protection Factor) as much as you can or better still get a foundation that has SPF protection.

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!


Most People don't know this,but the most important tool of any Makeup Artist is their set of brushes & not their foundations or powders.Armed with the right brushes,we are capable of doing wonders.I liken myself to a painter because our tools are similar.What amazes me about brushes are the fact that they give precision to the finishing look you are trying to achieve.

The closest encounter most people ever had with makeup brushes were those little brushes that accompanied fashion fair blushes.My mum had one & when applied there was the harsh line of blush which at the time i felt was the most beautiful cosmetic item ever invented.Thank God for knowledge,lol.

Makeup brushes are made up of fibres[Synthetic or Natural(Goat,Ox or Squirrel Hairs)] & a solid handle(Plastic or wood) which enables you have a firm grip during application. Ideally a good makeup brush has fibres which are soft to the touch & of course,on the skin. The key is investing in quality & not quantity.

Anyway, i want to share with you the Staple pieces of Brushes any woman should have. I have about 40Brushes & counting,so you don't have to be like me. All a woman needs for her quick fix are these 5 Major Brushes:

1). Foundation Brush: These are usually made of synthetic fibers/hairs. Of course,there are various new shapes out there but the most commonly available is this shape below. The brush can be used in applying lotions,liquid & cream foundations. It's made of synthetic fibres because it has a longer life span & are much easier to clean than the natural hairs.

2). Powder Brush: These are made of natural hair fibres & allow for seamless coverage of the face with loose powder,pressed powder or bronzer. These come as long brushes or in the Short Kabuki Form & because of the fibres they are made of, they should be well cared for by washing every other week to prevent the growth of bacteria.

3). Eyeshadow Brush: These brushes also made with Natural Fibres are very handy in applying colours to the eyelid & helps in ensuring well blended results.It can also be used to highlight the browbone

4). Blush Brush: For lightly sweeping blush colour on the apples of the cheeks. This is just a smaller version of a Powder Brush.It can also be used to apply bronzer to more defined areas of the face.

5). Lip Brush: Lipbrushes help to apply lip sticks & glosses with precision.Some come with covers & others don't.It can also be used in applying concealer,wink!!

The key is in keeping these brushes clean & trying as much as possible not to share brushes. If you have to share brushes,please wash them often with some warm water & baby/mild shampoo & allow to air dry by laying them flat on a piece of towel. I personally do a lot more than this because i have to work on clients often & i'm armed always with clean brushes .

Most brands sell Mini-Brush sets which are handy & have these key elements.So,treat yourself to a good set of Brushes.

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hi Guys, a couple of people have asked why i havent done any Makeup How-tos yet. I guess i'm just waiting for the right time, but in the interim,here's something i hope you all find interesting.

Many Ladies i have met have claimed they have oily skin even when i later discover that they have dry skin. Some even complain that they use makeup & after a few hours they look like they put nothing on. Anyway,there are several skin types namely:

  • Normal Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Hyperpigmented Skin
So to know if you fall into any of the above classifications, here's a test called the TISSUE TEST. It's very simple & takes about 30mins-1hour.

  1. Clean/wash your face & apply no product or just do this after having a bath.
  2. Get a 1-ply or 2-ply tissue
  3. Blot your skin(Chin,Center of cheeks,Outer cheeks,Centre of forehead,Outer Forehead & Nose)

Do you see oily residues in the area of the nose & forehead?

Then you may have Combination Skin.

Do you see oily residue everywhere?

Then you may have Oily Skin.

You do not see any oil at all,but see flaky skin residue.

Then your skin is Dry.

No oil or flaky Skin Residue.

Your skin may be Normal.

PORE SIZE: This matters a lot as well.


Characteristics to note:

NORMAL (the lucky lot)

You have few or no break outs.

Your skin feels or looks supple with or without moisturizer

You can use any product without irritation.

Your skin tone is even all over.


You are prone to blemishes, blackheads & white heads.

You have large pores.

Your face is shiny in the t-zone esp. when you wake up.

Foundation wears off after a couple of hours.

USEFUL TIP: (Use an oil-free gel or cleanser - removes oil without dehydrating the skin; Steaming & facials also help)


Your skin may even flake off if it has not been properly moisturized.

Your skin feels itchy or tight esp. after cleaning.

You made it through adolescence without acne.

Your complexion looks dull.

Useful Tip: (Use a Glycerine soap & Please Moisturize)


You have medium pores, smooth texture,healthy facial color & a good complexion

Your cheeks feel dry but your t-zone is oily or covered with acne.

You're oily in some areas & dry in others(unbalanced).

You can use products on one side, but the other gets irritated.

Useful Tip : Treat each area of your face with regards to Type.


You easily get irritated when you try to 'Extract a Blackhead' OR 'Try some New Makeup Product or creams'.You easily get irritated when you try to extract a blackhead OR try some new makeup product or creams.

You sunburn easily.

You're allergic to certain products.

Your skin is often red when you are exposed to sudden temperature changes.

Useful Tip: (Use hypo-allergenic & fragrance free products OR visit a Dermatologist).


You have dark spots from bugs, bites, pimples that remain stagnant.

You freckle easily in the sun.

You have dark moles/growths.

Useful Tip: (Identify what skin group you fall into & please visit a Dermatologist)

With Regards makeup not lasting as Long as you want, I recommend a good Facial Primer which acts as a barrier between your face & the makeup & creates a good base for your foundation.

Also, i discovered People have misinterpreted what a TONER means, they actually buy it woth the intention of getting lighter skin, but the product called an ASTRIGENT is actually an Alcohol-containing type of toner, meaning that there are also Non-alcoholic Ones.

So, here are benefits of a Good Facial Toner:
  • Removes Dirt & Makeup Residue
  • Complements the cleansing process.
  • Makes skin feel fresh & clean.
  • Refines pores & tightens them temporarily.
  • Removes excess oil from the skin.
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
  • Promotes the sloughing of dead skin cells.
  • Reduces oil secretion.
  • Improves skin tone.

** Include the use of a GOOD Sunscreen Lotion in your beauty regimen & remember the Higher the SPF, the greater the protection you get.

** Please drink lots of water, that can't be emphasized enough.

** Get plenty of rest. Ask ex-beauty Queen Nike Soleye about this part, because i concur!!

** And as much as possible, let your skin breathe, you don't have to use heavy makeup all the time, you know urself,lol!!

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!


Its another Year & Independence Celebration in Nigeria & as much as people have various things to say, i believe since it's my blog,im also free to air my views.

Never will you hear me say anything bad because i know that the Words i speak are Truth & Life & making negative statements furthermore does one no good.

We have come a long way & there have been good & bad times in the country. Been a Christian,i have been taught to take every matter that isn't right to the Throne of Mercy in Prayer & to do my part no matter where i have been placed.

So one word of Prayer i made yesterday for Nigeria was:


By the way, someone made a comment to me a day or two ago that i am always motivated by anything 'CHURCHY' or 'GODDY' Though i know what she meant, but hey, thats the only Reason the Universe is still Being Held. Who am i,without having a Solid Anchorage??

Anyway, to all Nigerians near & far, the only way things can get better, is if we all play our parts & contribute our little quota wherever we are placed.

As Pastor Sam said today at the PLATFORM, rather than dwell on things that have happened in the last 50 years, we should think ahead towards the next 50years & walk in the direction of the Nation's Progress & Prosperity.

May Nigeria Be Favourable For Us All,Amen!!

Ps: Though i couldn't be at the PLATFORM, i was able to watch the Live Broadcast on TV & would keep you all posted with the Nuggets of Wisdom i learnt!!

Much Love