Monday, December 24, 2012

Replicate : Abi's White Wedding Look

Hey Pretties,

It's Christmas day & here's wishing all readers of my blog a very Merry Christmas. May Christ the Reason For the season dwell in your hearts richly & may our lives be a reflection of his wondrous love towards us. 

I would have loved to do a holiday inspired look for you, but mehn - O dikwa next year,lol. In the interim, i decided to teach you how i achieved one of Abi's bridal looks for those who need some inspiration for what look to wear today or this festive season.

It was difficult deciding which of Abi's looks to share with you, but i decided this look is the easiest of the 2.

You can't go wrong with this Look

 For her Eyes -

1). I covered dark areas of her eyes with some concealer, outlined her bows with Davis's Brow Pencil in '018' & filled it in with BM Pro's Brow Powder in 'Auburn'.
2). I then highlighted her brows with a concealer 2 shades lighter than her skin tone & set it with a matching shadow with a hint of shimmer
3). I went over her lids with Bm Pro's Eyeshadow base in 'Light' & blended it into her crease
4). In her crease i blended Casabella's eyeshadow in 'Navajo Brown' to add definition & depth to her eye area
5). In the inner corner to 3/4 of her lids i used a mix of MAC's Eyeshadows in 'Paradisco' & 'Expensive Pink' & for the outer 1/4 of her lid, i used a mix of MAC's Eyeshadows in 'Carbon' & 'Fig 1'
6). I lined her upper lashline with Casabella's Indelible Gel Eyeliner in 'INK' & applied KISS by I-Envy lashes in 'Au Naturale 02 - KPE 09'
7). On her lower lashes,i went in with Jordana's Easyliner Eyeliner in 'Midnight Blue'

 For her Lips -

1). I lined 3/4 of her lips with Jordana's Lip Pencil in 'Plum' & blended with my finger
2). I filled in the inner lower lip with Jordana's Lipstick in 'Barely Pink' (A Baby Pink Color with Shimmer in it)
3). I filled her entire upper lip and perimeter of her lower lip with Black Opal's Lipstick in 'Congo Pink' (A Fuscia Pink Color just like what you see in my Logo)
4). I blended both lip colors with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in 'Sugar High' - That's my HG clear lipgloss right there *wink*

So try it out & i would be delighted to see what you were able to come up with. Have a Fun & memorable Holiday -

Pretty K

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bridal Feature : Abi

Hey Pretties,

Of all the brides i've had to work on,i've never been soo excited as i was when Abi contacted me & said i would be travelling to Akure, Ondo State for her wedding. Truth is i love to travel and learn about new places & customs and of course take my brand name to new places.

Abi who doesn't reside in Nigeria didn't get to meet me till 2days before her Big Day. Thank God for the Blackberry,it's been a very wonderful business tool.

So armed with my tools alongside my dear friend Abisoye of BALL EVENTS,who happens to have been her Wedding Planner and Decorator, we hit the road. In my heavily pregnant state and hers as well, speeding was to be done with extreme caution & God was merciful to us. A supposed 4-hour journey became 5hours without a stop-over to Pee(A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.)
Tired Abisoye
So the 1st day came and i went for a colorful look and i played the role of a Facial Constructor,lol


Day 2,being an Environmental Saturday had us on the road very early in the morning with me heading to her hotel and guess what happened?? Her hairstylist was nowhere to be seen & didn't call till the bride was well on her way to church(Talk about Unreliable) & so i had the scary challenge of playing that role. I hope i did a good job?


At the end of the day i played the roles of Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & photographer,yay!! I was in very high spirits(i was going home) and so i had excess energy. So for those who wonder how working outside your base can be, i hope this post gave you a hint of what you should be prepared for.

Pretty K

Say Mummy!!

Hey Pretties,

Are there words to describe the lovely Lady who gave birth to me? Nah!! I doubt it strongly. The past 2 months have been fun with my mum staying with me to help with Baby Dieko and amidst the other responsibilities she has, she finds time to enjoy taking care of my kids.

She calls it 'Ise Omo'(Parental Duty) and i doubt if there's one day since i became a mother that she hasn't been there for me. My Mum inspired my love for makeup and i'm totally grateful to her.

So one day she requests for a makeover(she sha can't be living with PrettyK and not have a healthy dose) and so i hooked her up.

Being in her 50s, there are a few challenges to be expected but because she has a 'plump' face(laughs out loud), i didn't have to do so much work.

See What I Mean!!
 With some brightening eye cream(MaryKay Indulge Soothing Eye-Gel) ; flesh toned eye colors(BM Pro 'Lava' Eyeshadow & MAC 'Amber Lights' Eyeshadow); a matching liner to her head-wear(Jordana Easyliner Eyeliner in 'Midnight Blue') and a plum lippie(MAC 'Dark Side' Cream Lipstick),her true beauty shone through. I used a less is more approach in my application techniques and she loved everything about her makeover(not like she had a choice,Right! :-)
So who says Makeup is bad? If it can brighten the dullest of faces and boost confidence,i'm all for it. And this post just inspired a challenge,i'll let you know when i achieve it.

Pretty K


Hey Pretties,

i didn't know i had been away for soo long. Been a mum to a new baby and a 3year-old toddler surely has it's challenges and that's why i'm putting up this post at 4am being the only time in 24hrs that i have time for myself.

A lot of things have happened in the last 2months, i added another year on the 4th of december *Yay*, was everywhere in Lagos attending to clients with a baby who loves to eat(or drink as the case may be) *Phew*,been trying to lose weight *rolls eyes* and just braving the challenges of each new day.

Anyway,i'm back with lots of reviews and tutorials,so please check back daily!!

Pretty K