Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Product Alert : KAYGE Cosmetics

Hey Pretties,

its amazing how the beauty industry in Nigeria has evolved. More indigenous brands are sprouting and gaining great acceptance especially with makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts.

Carving a niche for itself is KAYGE Cosmetics which contains a collection of strictly Lip Products. Kayge Cosmetics is a result of the founder’s dream of creating a colourful line of lip products with skincare benefits that while creating gorgeous looks, would also promote healthy skin.

Presently, KAYGE Cosmetics Ltd is a company that has created a brand concept consisting of makeup and cosmetic retail utilizing multiple channels of distribution. Kayge provides its clients with its products and branded display units, professional beauty consultation and educational beauty programmes.

Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo or Kay as she is fondly called is the creative director at Kayge Cosmetics, an exclusive makeup company located in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She is a qualified professional makeup artist certified by the prestigious-The London School of Beauty & Makeup with a B.SC in Economics and an MBA. She is passionate about all things beauty.

KAYGE has a PRO Membership Program designed for the makeup professional (Makeup Artists, Aestheticians, Cosmetologists & Hairstylists). This membership program offers the makeup professional a world of member-exclusive benefits and PRO rates on products.

KAYGE is sold exclusively at all Gifty's Daughter Outlets

Contact Details :

Website -

Email -


Monday, September 16, 2013

He Made It!!

Hey Pretties,

last Thursday my baby brother graduated with honours from the Redeemers University Of Nigeria(RUN).

As the proud 'Egbon'(Older Sibling),i was there to show support and i'm glad that finally,someone will stop 'TAXING' me *whew*

My Parents of course are the ones who should be congratulated as they are more or less done with most of the hardwork of educating one's children.

Olayinka Babs,i wish you God's best in all that concerns you as we move forward in life. May the effort you put into getting your degree never be in vain

I Love You From The Bottom Of My heart

Your Sister

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Replicate : O>P>E's Trad Look

Hey Pretties,

Of Ope's 2 looks, I found the 'Trad'(Traditional Engagement) look much more interesting & colorful.

Below are a detailed list of the products I used and how I achieved her look :

Face :

MaryKay Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation in '607' & '808' to even out her complexion
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45 to conceal any darkness on her skin especially her 'Undereyes'
IMAN Oil Blotting Powders in 'Light Medium, Medium & Earth Dark' to set the foundation
Black Radiance Blushes in 'Plum Sorbet' & 'Cranberry' to sculpt and warm her face up

Eyes :

MAC Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadows in 'Expensive Pink' and 'Amber Lights' as Lid Colors
MAC Matte Eyeshadows in 'Embark' & 'Carbon' for the outer corner of the eyes
MAC Matte Eyeshadow in 'BrownScript' to define the crease
MAC Eyeshadow in 'Rice Paper' to highlight the Browbone
Wet 'n' Wild Cream liner in 'Black' for both the upper and lower lash lines
Any Black Mascara would suffice
Red Cherry Invisible Band Lashes in #48 (Available In My BeautyShop)

Lips :

Jordana Lip Pencil in Cherry (To shade and fill in her lips)
MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red
MAC viva Glam Nicki 2 (as a highlight)Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in SugarHigh (To add some volume to her tiny lips)

Have fun replicating this look with other brands, this gives me an idea of a new post *wink*, please check back!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bridal Feature : O>P>E

Hey Pretties,

Referrals are the key to any growing business. I do not take that part of my blooming life lightly. I tried adverts , i did expos and i did free work (not saying they didn't work), but referrals have so far proven to be 100% effective thank God.

 Ope was one of such brides referred by another bride,Yemisi who i had attended to last year. We communicated for many weeks and finally 2 days to her wedding, she came for her Trial Run. It was a good thing she did as i was able to familiarize myself with her skin concerns & the kind of look she wanted.

Left eye - For the 1st outfit ; Right Eye - For the 2nd outfit

The Right eye was chosen as the look for church
 So the d-day came and she was all smiles. You can't imagine how many pictures i took of her.


For Church, the lip color was slightly tweaked and she loved the outcome

Ope was a sweet client, thanks for choosing SitPretty!!


The Issue Of The 'Pro Camera'!!!

Hey Pretties,

so there's this question i'm asked a lot & have gotten tired of answering simply because it comes 1st in the minds of veryyyy new makeup artists.

I mean the ones who just finished makeup school oo, not the practising & well experienced ones. Its the question 'What Camera Do You Use'? 

It's a question i once asked 2 people, Stella of StellasAddiction & KemiKings(UK Based Makeup Artist) because i liked the crispness of the pictures they took & how obvious the details of the makeup they did were. Of course, i did my own research & got something different from what they had, but knowing helped.

What triggered my wanting to get a DSLR(meaning DIGITAL SINGLE LENSE REFLEX CAMERA but called Pro Camera by most muas)? My love for picture taking,its a hobby i took interest in sooo many years ago that i wanted to treat more seriously. Also, i had no control of the lighting conditions in the places i went to work, so my camera helps me get good pictures taken, not compromising light or crispness. Thirdly, i had been ripped off by a terrible photographer who i paid to get pictures of a bride i did and couldn't find one good shot, i was Furiousssssss!

I see people with very good cameras who still take pictures that don't flatter their hardwork. It's either too orange or very airbrushed, which could be very distracting. 

So here's some unrequested advice :

1). A DSLR will never make a shabby job look fantastic. It won't help you blend poor foundation / skin coverage work; It won't help you apply falsies properly; It wont help you apply lipstick perfectly or help wrap your gele superbly. Work on perfecting the skills you have and do a fantastic job!!!

2). Try taking pictures (with & without flash) with anything you can lay your hands on - Your BLACKBERRY ; Your Point & Shoot( Sony Cybershots and the like ) ; Your Tablets & then your DSLR, if you own one.

It's for these reasons : a). It enables you see some flaws - fingerprint marks OR where u need to powder / tone down powder b). On a bridal assignment, there are loads of people taking pictures of the bride while she's been prepped for her big day. These are the pictures that circulate & reach the whole world before your DSLR pictures are shared. People who see your work judge you based on those few pictures.

If it looks good on any phone, it will look good with a DSLR, Shikena!!!
L - BB Picture with flash ; R - DSLR Picture

These are 2 very cogent points that helped me take it a step higher by getting a DSLR. I hope this post has inspired someone to concentrate 1st on the artistry, before the gadgets.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Low Key!!

Hey Pretties,

that is how my PC crashed, all pictures got lost save for the ones i had on my HDD. Infact, i was so pissed i lost interest in blogging. So somehow somehow,i've been updating my instagram more (Pls follow me on instagram : @sitprettymakeupmaverick )

The couple of weeks have been amazing as i was blessed to have made some ladies extremely pretty for their special days and boy, was the experience insightful & as usual, it was a chance to make my brand , SITPRETTY, better known

I'll share the 'how-to's in my next few posts, pls tell your friends about this blog as im about to do a giveaway in a few weeks *wink wink*

Pls check back

Pretty K

All For LOVE

Hey Pretties,

in March, i had the honor of travelling to Ota,Ogun State and being Love's makeup artist. Thanks to Ronke,an old classmate & friend who must have really put in a good word for me.

Love and i never got the chance to meet after we first communicated November 2012, but we kept in touch constantly and finally we met a day before her traditional engagement

The Alaso-oke & Bead Maker did a Fab job

I didn't know what to expect when i met her,but i must say that i fell in Love with LOVE. Kind, Warm, Respectful, Considerate, Always Smiling, Hard-working, Easily-Lovable. In the 4 days i spent with her, these were my conclusions.

- Your Husband Is Blessed
- Your Kids need not look far for role models
- The World Is Blessed With You In It

Pre-Wedding Dinner

It Was a huge Honor to have made 'Mama Faith' up and to have enjoyed the Love,warmth and hospitality in CanaanLand Ota.

Pretty K