I created this page to help out curious makeup lovers who need to know how i do one thing or the other & i hope it proves helpful

HOW TO : False Lashes

To do this, i put together the following tools :
- False Lashes (Preferably Strip Lashes) ; pls follow this link to learn more - http://sitprettyinc.blogspot.com/2011/03/false-eyelashes-in-all-their-splendour.html

- Eyelash Glue(Duo Surgical Lash Glue)
- Cuticle Scissors (For Trimming the Lash)
- Tweezers(Optional)
- Clean Hands
- Eyeliner (Liquid, Gel or Pencil)

Step 1 : Get all tools out on a surface.

Step 2 : Apply your Eye makeup & line your eyes with any eyeliner you have available( I didn't do this step because i only wanted to take pictures for the purpose of this particular tutorial, so you could have a clearer view) 

Step 3 : Get eyelashes of your Choice & gently take them out of the pack, bending them a bit so they take the shape of your eyes. Measure them against your natural lashes to check for length (Trim with cuticle scissors if too long)

 Step 4 :  Apply the eyelash glue straight from the tube (like i do normally) OR apply a teeny-weeny bit on the stem of a cotton bud & use it as a tool for spreading the lash glue on the edge of the false lash.

 Step 5 : Wait at least 30seconds for the Lash Glue to become tacky & with your Tweezer & clean hands, apply the lash as close to your natural lashes as possible.
My eye without any lashes

I love a little more to ensure the lash adheres to my skin
The Lash Glue becomes clear when dry, so dont be scared
  Step 6 : Blend the your natural lashes & false lashes together with the use of a good mascara for a more natural effect.
Lashes after the Glue has dried, notice my other eye is bare
There you have it! Lashes that are easily applied without any pain or harm to one's sensitive eye area.

Pretty K