Sunday, March 17, 2013

Product Review : Sleek High shine in Champagne & Bare

Hey Pretties,

 i first came across these glosses a few years ago & champagne was the very 1st of the glosses that i got. It was the kind of nude color i liked, it felt good on the lips and smelt fab. Ever since then,i kept repurchasing.

According to Sleek - Just one coat of High Shine drenches your lips with a burst of colour and shine

Bare - is a pale pink colour that looks like strawberry-flavored custard

Champagne - is a pale champagne color with finely-milled shimmer

- It's the right amount of shine in just one coat
- It moisturizes the lips and has a longwear even after eating 
- It smells fantastic, if you're all about fragrances like me *wink*

- The wand makes it difficult to get all the product out

 Verdict :
 I'll certainly repurchase

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Pretty K

Triple Threat - Redd Cappuccino PruneJuice

Hey Pretties,

i finally got a few minutes(ermm....actually hours) to put these looks together,considering my boss (baby dieko) always wanted my attention.

I love trying looks out and pairing them with different lip colors, that way, anyone who doesn't like a certain lipcolor has other options,hence......

I settled for Look 1 as my best of the three, paired with lashes of course.

 For look 1,i used :
- Zaron's lip pencil in Prune Juice
- Sleek's High Shine lipgloss in Bare

For look 2, i used :
- Zaron's lip pencil in Cappuccino
- Sleek High Shine lipgloss in Champagne

For look 3,i used :
- Jordana slim lip pencil in Plush Red
- BM Pro longlasting lipgloss in Redd 

For the eyes,i used :
1 - Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadow in Baby Pink
2 - MAC matte shadows in Fig.1 & Carbon
3 - MAC matte shadow in Orange 
4 - Jordana Easy-liner retractible pencil in Black for the upper & lower lashlines

Have fun trying the looks and please send pictures of your outcome -

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Pretty K

Saturday, March 16, 2013

To Lash or not to Lash??

Hey Pretties,

i did this look and concluded that lashes make a huge difference. If you like some Va-va voom(for the risk of sounding cliche). I'm not talking about 'Umbrella' lashes oo. Strip lashes in all their glory are superb for achieving this effect.

 If you agree, pls leave a comment.

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Pretty K

Friday, March 15, 2013

Product Review : MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in 'Sweet Ever After' & 'Goes and Goes'

Hey Pretties,

in my fast growing lipstick collection,these 2 happen to be very dear to my heart. By now,anyone who knows me knows i love lip colors in the plum & purple family. So expect to see one in every lipstick review *hides face*

According to MAC : it has a lightweight texture, creamy finish & comfortable longwear(the real reason i got them). It's slick in use & applies without need of a top coat and lasts up to 12hours. It won't feather or transfer and the color stays true . It helps the lips stay soft and hydrated
 Goes & Goes is a lovely purple with blue undertones, it absolutely is flattering to my skintone.
Sweet Ever After is an ideal nude color with a slight hint of shimmer for anyone who likes to play safe & wants long-lasting wear.

Weight : 3.6g / 0.12 US oz

Pros :
- It's true in color. What you see in the tube is what you see on the lips
- Its creamy texture feels lovely on the lips.not oily & not uncomfortable to wear.
- It hydrates the lips the way chapstick does (i'm referring to the matte-like feel)
- It doesn't transfer,  except you intentionally drag your finger across your lips to take it off.

- The shape of the product means you have to apply it with extreme skill if using it straight from the tube.  Better yet, use a lip brush.

Verdict :

I will repurchase these shades and others in the collection.

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Pretty K

Thursday, March 14, 2013

PICTORIAL : How i do my brows

Hey Pretties,

before i go further,i want you to know i'm not the best at pictorials. Sometimes,i do steps and completely forget to take a picture. Hopefully,someday soon,i'll be able to make short videos,but in the interim here goes.

Almost everyone i've met tell me the brows i do have a signature,but i believe there's nothing to it.I've just had a lot more practice than most people. Brows in my opinion are an accessory,lol. No look is complete without them.

The few things needed for beautiful brows are :
- Tweezers
- Spoolie (or mascara wand) , an old mascara wand ( washed clean,of course ) would surfice

- a firm eyeshadow brush
- Brow pencil (a medium brown shade)
- Concealer (2-3 shades lighter)
- a matte / slightly shimmery eyeshadow

 Clockwise : Steps 1-3

 1). Tweeze any excess hairs and brush downwards 
 2). Start by drawing the shape you want the brow to take above the brow, do this with light strokes
 3). Draw a line beneath the brow, to encase the brow hairs

 4 - 6). With the spoolie / old mascara wand, begin to brush through the brow to remove excess product. Do this also at the head of the brow to blend out any harshness and give a more natural look

7). With the firm eyeshadow brush, apply some of the concealer to clean up the brow & make it 'POP' some more
8). Blend out any harshness with a clean finger
9). Apply some of the eyeshadow to 'set' the concealer

Finished Product
I hope this was as easy as i tried to make it look. Your comments are very welcome

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Pretty K

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bridal Feature : Ajoke

Hey Pretties,

today marks 5months since i had my angel,Dieko & when i think back to the day,i can't help but laugh at the strength i had. I Could lift an elephant,hahahaha!

I was scheduled to go in for surgery,but wayyyy before we(my Gynae & i) came to that conclusion,  i had booked this bride. I had never met her before that day & i wasn't willing to let anyone down. So armed with all my hospital supplies and work tools,  i headed to the bride(I was determined not to let my hubby find out).

After waiting anxiously for the bride,  an hour later she showed up & i was like *enter stunned face emoticon*.  I must say,  it was one of the most remarkable transformations i had ever handled.

Now you know why,lol. Those brows were EPIC

 She had those lids that easily got hidden,  Asian eyes more like
Ha! My Brushes worked hard
 Till this very moment, she hasn't stopped using the pictures i sent to her as her BB display picture (iBlush)

Products Used:

- Dermablend Smooth Indulgence SPF20 Liquid Foundation (Shade Unknown,sorry!)
- Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
- MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Dark
- Black Opal Powder Blush in Wild Orchid

- Victoria's Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder in Sun Goddess

- Davis Eyebrow Pencil on 018
- MAC Veluxe pearl eyeshadow in Expensive Pink
- MAC Matte2 eyeshadow in Fig.1
- MAC Matte eyeshadow in Orange
- Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Blue My Mind (Undereye liner)

- MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Dark Side
- Jordana Squueze 'n' Shiny Super Shiny Tasty Lipgloss in Lollipop (Duo-toned)

Hopefully, you can recreate this look


Ps : I would love to hear from you via your comments and i'm very open to suggestions on how to make this blog more read-worthy :

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Product Review : MAC Amplified Creme Lipsticks in 'Morange,Dark Side & Girl About Town'

Hey Pretties,

what if i told you i had over 100 pending blog posts. I start with them and somehow baby comes calling. I've made it my duty to be more regular in my blogposts. Please bear with me.

Before i go any further,let me welcome you to the month of March,i'm excited,are you?

 So in december,i got Morange & Girl About Town as part of my birthday haul & i picked the 2 lipsticks for the simple reason that i was looking for the PERFECT ORANGE & FUSCIA PINK LIPSTICKS. Don't get me wrong, you can find those 2 colors in other brands but they never have the intense opacity i seek.



And being the perfectionist that i am,it's either the Right Shade or not. Dark Side on the other hand was a color i got for the conservationist in me.


Mac Amplified Creme Lipsticks are quite-pigmented with the right amount of  opacity i love to work with.

Pros :
- They are true-color (what you see in the tube is how it comes through on the lips)
- They're super-creamy & apply with ease
- They small good(a must for me)
- They retail in the US for $15 and at the MAC store for 3,800naira.Not bad on the pocket if you ask me.

Cons :
- None i've seen so far

Ps; I have no products applied beneath any of them


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with MAC, i bought the products & i'm not been paid to review them.