Thursday, March 14, 2013

PICTORIAL : How i do my brows

Hey Pretties,

before i go further,i want you to know i'm not the best at pictorials. Sometimes,i do steps and completely forget to take a picture. Hopefully,someday soon,i'll be able to make short videos,but in the interim here goes.

Almost everyone i've met tell me the brows i do have a signature,but i believe there's nothing to it.I've just had a lot more practice than most people. Brows in my opinion are an accessory,lol. No look is complete without them.

The few things needed for beautiful brows are :
- Tweezers
- Spoolie (or mascara wand) , an old mascara wand ( washed clean,of course ) would surfice

- a firm eyeshadow brush
- Brow pencil (a medium brown shade)
- Concealer (2-3 shades lighter)
- a matte / slightly shimmery eyeshadow

 Clockwise : Steps 1-3

 1). Tweeze any excess hairs and brush downwards 
 2). Start by drawing the shape you want the brow to take above the brow, do this with light strokes
 3). Draw a line beneath the brow, to encase the brow hairs

 4 - 6). With the spoolie / old mascara wand, begin to brush through the brow to remove excess product. Do this also at the head of the brow to blend out any harshness and give a more natural look

7). With the firm eyeshadow brush, apply some of the concealer to clean up the brow & make it 'POP' some more
8). Blend out any harshness with a clean finger
9). Apply some of the eyeshadow to 'set' the concealer

Finished Product
I hope this was as easy as i tried to make it look. Your comments are very welcome

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Pretty K


  1. It sure was easy, thanks a lot for sharing and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by,hope you're a follower

  2. perfect!! what brow pencil do you use?

    1. Davis 018, i made sure it was something in easy reach

  3. i must confess.... i admire your brows a lot, each time i see any of your work, the brows just scream 'sitpretty' a very strong and nice signature. thanks for sharing, amma steal this tip!

  4. Thanks Kumbi. Birthday was march 18th. This is a lovely bday gift seriously.

  5. Quite detailed,tanx 4 d tip...buh wot of dose dat dnt have hairy brow...taanx

  6. U re good at what u do. Both makeup en bloggn. Tried this on myself en though it wasn't perfect but it was better than what I was doing

  7. K baby, I doff my Thx dear, more blessings to ur brain. Godbless


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