Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Product Alert - In My Kit!!!

Hey Pretties,

So , the last couple of months, i have added a couple of products to my train case that i know may be helpful to many of you still looking to build your kits to a certain standard.

I will list a couple of them & do a fitting review of them as we go along. Please note, that all these items are available for purchase at our Lekki Office & will also be available for purchase at the Makeup Fair taking place on the 21st of June.

1). Callas Eyelash Glue - lash glue in a lipgloss tube that comes with a wand for easy application.

2). Lock on Lash - lash glue from the stables of Danessa Myricks, the Supertalented American Makeup Artist, Teacher & Author. 

 3). Location bags - See through, Light weight, Compact

4). Complexion Sponges - Soft, multi-sided, easy to clean, instantly reusable, durable, survives wear & tear, doesn't fade in color

These are products in my kit that i certainly can't do without. Share some of your favorite products with me

'Kunbi , The Makeup Maverick

From Kaduna with Love!!!

Hey Pretties,

so last month, work took me to the town of Barnawa in Kaduna State all for Oyindamola Adebosin.

Referred by my dearest family friend, Nkem, i didn't meet Oyinda till i got to Kaduna even though she resides in Lagos. Kaduna, was the location of her Traditional Wedding as respect had to be paid to her parents who are based in Kaduna State.

As usual, Aero Contractors moved our 3:50pm flight to 5:15pm which seemed like the longest wait of my life. But, trust the capable Oyinda to have sorted the flight, airport transportation & hotel accomodation of all her vendors flying in from Lagos.

On the flight, i met her trusted Videographer Tolu ( Instagram - @tolusholanke ), her Photographer Jide ( Instagram - @jideakinyemi ) & 2nd photographer Kunle ( @elnukawo ). So, riding 45minutes to Barnawa was a bit interesting.

On getting to the bride's house to get acquainted, we met a welcome party. Suya, lots of food & drinks & an amazing DJ who worked his magic, made the long trip worth it.

Fast forward to the next day, the trad ceremony wasn't to begin till 3pm, so imagine how my morning was. Absolutely restful!

For her dress change, she changed from her Blue Monotone Ensemble to a Pink Monotone ensemble. At the end of the day, i had a completely satisfied bride.

Here's to more visits to Kaduna in the nearest future.

'Kunbi, The Makeup Maverick

Great Happenings At SitPretty!!!!

Hey Pretties,

it's been a bit too long & again, i have defaulted in bringing you the happenings in my world as often as i can spare.

So, finally i have been able to find someone to manage the blog when i'm busy travelling the world.

Welcome to the Month of June, it promises to be an amazing month. So what are you waiting for?? 

Live, Breathe, Enjoy your Life!!!

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Pretty K