Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty Makeover - GOLDIE for Exquisite Magazine!

 Hey Pretties,

a few months back, i was opportuned to meet & work on the Very Talented Artiste ''Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey'' ( Better known as GOLDIE ) . She was the Cover for Exquisite Magazine's Issue 42, earlier this year ( who i do a lot of freelance work with )

Trust me to do a little research before working on any client & from my findings, i knew Goldie likes Looks that aren't wearable for everyday. She loves Avant-Garde looks which include the use of Over-the-top costumes & Very Quirky & Outrageous Fashion Lashes .
Goldie in Full Avant-Garde Mode (No, i'm not responsible for this Look)

Her music also isn't the regular kind of Naija (Nigerian) music & neither is her sense of style which has made people coin her as Nigeria's 'Lady Gaga'. Not sure if she likes that comparison, but at least you get what i mean ;)

 Jawo's Video  (click here to watch Jawo ft Jwon)

You Know It ( ft ELDEE)

Nothing Has Changed  

Don't Touch 

Obviously, i love her creativity & drive, hence, the links to her videos above & in person, she's very pleasant. So Goldie baby,This one's for you.

So, since people don't know her for Sexy or Sultry makeup, i decided that was the look to go for. The lashes i used were very simple. I hope you like the Pictures below.

The Magazine Cover

Tho her lips look red, it was actually a Tangy color

Here, i went for a Bronzed look adding warmth to her face & body

Some pink eyes & lips
Pretty K

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sam Oh Sam!

Hey Pretties,

Ain't he Fine (Sorry Mr Fash!)

not everyone knows who Sam Fine is, but i do. He's known for his commendable & impeccable work on Top Black African American Models, Celebrities & Entertainers such as Supermodel Iman, Mary J Blige, Tyra Banks, Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, RuPaul, Vanessa Williams, M'onique & Queen Latifah, to mention but a few.

He is highly sought after & though he isn't a fan of Loud colors ( which i'm very sure he would do a swell job with) , he does the Most Fantastic Natural Looks on the Face of the Earth. Talented is an understatement when commending his artistry. He has created a standard & isn't afraid to share his wealth of knowledge & experience with all and sundry even on Social Networking Sites.

I've been an avid fan since i first learnt about him a few years back & i must confess, his artistry has influenced mine for the better. His work & experience have been shared in his Book - FINE BEAUTY & his Make up DVD - The Basics of Beauty ( which i both own,by the way ;))

Sam's 1st Makeup Book

Sam's 1st & Highly Publicized DVD
If you have heard the name - FASHION FAIR ( Our mums were ardent fans of the brand ) who have provided makeup for Black women for over 38 years , you will know why what i'm about to say is huge news all over the Makeup World.

Recently, he was appointed the Creative Director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics & will be revamping the Line. His Debut Collection '' Sam Fine For Fashion Fair '' should be launched in Early 2012.

An icon in the Makeup World, he is someone who should be understudied. If you happen to stop by any of the Countries where he constantly visits, be sure to be a part of his Workshops , Seminars & Masterclasses.

Sam, all the very best & we look forward to the New Fashion Fair Collection.

Best Wishes
Pretty K

Monday, August 29, 2011

An Award in view!

Hey Pretties,

how have you all been? Seriously, blogging is serious work especially if you happen to have a quirky sense of humour like me or feel you have little or nothing tangle to sure(I know someone who would frown heavily at that opinion).

Wanted to share some good news with you.

I recently was nominated for the ELOY (Exquisite Lady of the Year) AWARDS in the Category of Makeup Artist of the Year.

The criteria  for the award focuses on the character of the individual, her ability, achievements & how her work impacts the Nigerian society.

Each nominee has a record of :

Direct Leadership : responsible for duties of others in a business environment. The Leadership ability to affect human behaviour & accomplish a mission. Must be capable of influencing others to achieve set goals.

Indirect Leadership : she has earned teh respect of others due to past or current achievements.

Service : has helped colleagues & associates to grow, develop & achieve goals & given assistance to the community.

Commitment : shows a level of dedication to her goals & ability to achieve them.

Achievement : shows evidence of growth in her business or profession.

Integrity : must act according to values, beliefs & principles that shape the future for the better. Actions of Integrity.

Character : meeting her responsibilities & being a good Nigerian ( I pay my taxes,lol)

I'm elated to know that these are qualities i possess & being nominated is a huge honour.

Pls vote for me by texting ' Eloy Sit Pretty Inc. (Kunbi) ' to 35070. The more votes you send, the better my chances of winning. (Texts cost =N=100, it's only fair to let you know)

Thanks in advance for voting for me

Pretty K


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Personal Fotoshoot!

Hey Pretties,

some months back i decided to go to the studio to capture my 'afro' & of course, have decent pictures of myself taken for profiling & write-ups.

So as usual, i went in-studio with my photographer (Atoyebi Temisan - search for him on facebook) & though i took more shots than what i uploaded below, i wanted to share a few with you!

This happens to be my best of all the pictures taken, 'cos i believe it captures my essence

I hope you like them as much as i do.

Pretty K

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To : False Lashes

Hey Pretties,

Most clients & people i meet are curious to know how false lashes are applied. I personally prefer Strip Lashes over the Individuals.

Click here to find out more :

My Muse!

Hey Pretties,
it's been a bit, i must confess & i trust you are all doing well. A few weeks back, i had a couple of shoots(Personal & work-related) & i want to share them with you today. My muse ( Tee ), happens to be an ''Aburo'' (Younger One in Yoruba) & it's always a pleasure working on her. I hope you find these pictures as appealing as i find them. I'll share how i achieved the look in another post. ENJOY!!!

Photography : Atoyebi Kayode Temisan ( You can search for him on Facebook)

Accessories : Sparkle Fashion Store (I bought all my accessories Oh!!)

I Love Accessories ah!

Pretty K