Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Muse!

Hey Pretties,
it's been a bit, i must confess & i trust you are all doing well. A few weeks back, i had a couple of shoots(Personal & work-related) & i want to share them with you today. My muse ( Tee ), happens to be an ''Aburo'' (Younger One in Yoruba) & it's always a pleasure working on her. I hope you find these pictures as appealing as i find them. I'll share how i achieved the look in another post. ENJOY!!!

Photography : Atoyebi Kayode Temisan ( You can search for him on Facebook)

Accessories : Sparkle Fashion Store (I bought all my accessories Oh!!)

I Love Accessories ah!

Pretty K


  1. Awwwww,Kunbi the blessing of God is one you and your house hold,This is very cute,beautiful infact am speechless....Keep it up gal.loads of love.

  2. Thank U so much Darling Zainab, i appreciate your kind words!


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