Monday, August 29, 2011

An Award in view!

Hey Pretties,

how have you all been? Seriously, blogging is serious work especially if you happen to have a quirky sense of humour like me or feel you have little or nothing tangle to sure(I know someone who would frown heavily at that opinion).

Wanted to share some good news with you.

I recently was nominated for the ELOY (Exquisite Lady of the Year) AWARDS in the Category of Makeup Artist of the Year.

The criteria  for the award focuses on the character of the individual, her ability, achievements & how her work impacts the Nigerian society.

Each nominee has a record of :

Direct Leadership : responsible for duties of others in a business environment. The Leadership ability to affect human behaviour & accomplish a mission. Must be capable of influencing others to achieve set goals.

Indirect Leadership : she has earned teh respect of others due to past or current achievements.

Service : has helped colleagues & associates to grow, develop & achieve goals & given assistance to the community.

Commitment : shows a level of dedication to her goals & ability to achieve them.

Achievement : shows evidence of growth in her business or profession.

Integrity : must act according to values, beliefs & principles that shape the future for the better. Actions of Integrity.

Character : meeting her responsibilities & being a good Nigerian ( I pay my taxes,lol)

I'm elated to know that these are qualities i possess & being nominated is a huge honour.

Pls vote for me by texting ' Eloy Sit Pretty Inc. (Kunbi) ' to 35070. The more votes you send, the better my chances of winning. (Texts cost =N=100, it's only fair to let you know)

Thanks in advance for voting for me

Pretty K


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