Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sam Oh Sam!

Hey Pretties,

Ain't he Fine (Sorry Mr Fash!)

not everyone knows who Sam Fine is, but i do. He's known for his commendable & impeccable work on Top Black African American Models, Celebrities & Entertainers such as Supermodel Iman, Mary J Blige, Tyra Banks, Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, RuPaul, Vanessa Williams, M'onique & Queen Latifah, to mention but a few.

He is highly sought after & though he isn't a fan of Loud colors ( which i'm very sure he would do a swell job with) , he does the Most Fantastic Natural Looks on the Face of the Earth. Talented is an understatement when commending his artistry. He has created a standard & isn't afraid to share his wealth of knowledge & experience with all and sundry even on Social Networking Sites.

I've been an avid fan since i first learnt about him a few years back & i must confess, his artistry has influenced mine for the better. His work & experience have been shared in his Book - FINE BEAUTY & his Make up DVD - The Basics of Beauty ( which i both own,by the way ;))

Sam's 1st Makeup Book

Sam's 1st & Highly Publicized DVD
If you have heard the name - FASHION FAIR ( Our mums were ardent fans of the brand ) who have provided makeup for Black women for over 38 years , you will know why what i'm about to say is huge news all over the Makeup World.

Recently, he was appointed the Creative Director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics & will be revamping the Line. His Debut Collection '' Sam Fine For Fashion Fair '' should be launched in Early 2012.

An icon in the Makeup World, he is someone who should be understudied. If you happen to stop by any of the Countries where he constantly visits, be sure to be a part of his Workshops , Seminars & Masterclasses.

Sam, all the very best & we look forward to the New Fashion Fair Collection.

Best Wishes
Pretty K

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  1. Nice!

    We Love our SAM! So happy for & proud of him...& super excited about what he will being to Fashion Fair Cosmetics.

    Thank you for this post.:-)


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