Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty Makeover - GOLDIE for Exquisite Magazine!

 Hey Pretties,

a few months back, i was opportuned to meet & work on the Very Talented Artiste ''Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey'' ( Better known as GOLDIE ) . She was the Cover for Exquisite Magazine's Issue 42, earlier this year ( who i do a lot of freelance work with )

Trust me to do a little research before working on any client & from my findings, i knew Goldie likes Looks that aren't wearable for everyday. She loves Avant-Garde looks which include the use of Over-the-top costumes & Very Quirky & Outrageous Fashion Lashes .
Goldie in Full Avant-Garde Mode (No, i'm not responsible for this Look)

Her music also isn't the regular kind of Naija (Nigerian) music & neither is her sense of style which has made people coin her as Nigeria's 'Lady Gaga'. Not sure if she likes that comparison, but at least you get what i mean ;)

 Jawo's Video  (click here to watch Jawo ft Jwon)

You Know It ( ft ELDEE)

Nothing Has Changed  

Don't Touch 

Obviously, i love her creativity & drive, hence, the links to her videos above & in person, she's very pleasant. So Goldie baby,This one's for you.

So, since people don't know her for Sexy or Sultry makeup, i decided that was the look to go for. The lashes i used were very simple. I hope you like the Pictures below.

The Magazine Cover

Tho her lips look red, it was actually a Tangy color

Here, i went for a Bronzed look adding warmth to her face & body

Some pink eyes & lips
Pretty K

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  1. I really like the looks you did for her and the one u did for Monalisa too although i think photoshop washed out a lot of your work. Good job


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