Sunday, June 22, 2014

Useful Info on Cameras!!

Hey Pretties,

i just thought to share where you can get a professional camera in Lagos and what you should get when you go shopping.


- A Good DSLR

- A FlashGun

- Rechargeable Batteries

- A Charger for your batteries

- A Reflector (  to remove shadows cast by your flash gun )

- A Camera Bag ( to store away all your gear when you're done )

- A lens filter ( to shield your lens from dust and protect it from the sun )



1). NEW CREATION WORLDWIDE LINK NIGERIA LTD. ( A Nikon Authorised Distributor )

22, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos

 Tel - 0805 379 9252 , 0708 888 8808

Website -

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2). Okey Japan Audio Visual Limited

75A, Aroloya Street, Lagos Island, Lagos

Tel - 0703 384 2292 ; 08023159184


1).  Okey Japan Audio Visual Limited

1st Floor, Mr Biggs, Area 8, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria.

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Pretty K

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Lagos Makeup Fair ( LMUF) Edition 3

Hey Pretties,

Have i got good news for you.

Its the 3rd Lagos MakeUp Fair (LMUF3) proudly sponsored by Maybelline New York. 

The event which for the first time would be held for two days Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd June 2014 ( Today & Tomorrow ), promises to be thrilling as the buzz and excitement is already on.

The 3rd Lagos MakeUp Fair is the 12th edition in The MakeUp Fair series. The MakeUp Fair Series is Nigeria’s leading makeup and beauty trade fair. It is a cross national industry event that is held annually in major cities in Nigeria.

The popular platform was created by Omolola Faleye with the vision to revolutionizing the makeup business in Nigeria by providing the industry’s professionals and aficionados with a credible and vibrant platform to: Showcase their brands, services, and products to an interested and engaged audience; Provide opportunities for networking and learning.

The MakeUp fair series is the ultimate as it creates a conducive atmosphere for all beauty savvy professionals, fashion and beauty conscious individuals and prospective buyers.

The highlights of the event includes amongst others: 
- Meeting makeup & beauty Experts
- Launching of makeup brands and products
- Demos
- Networking
- Shopping
- Learning makeup skills
- Special Offers
- Treats
- Direct access
- Food…Drinks
- Loads of freebies for grabs 
and lots of entertainment .  

StanduptoCancer Naija supports The 3rd Lagos makeup fair and will be providing FREE clinical breast cancer screening for all ladies at the fair on Sunday 22nd June.

Visit the Maybelline New York Nigeria Stand at The 3rd Lagos MakeUp Fair (LMUF3) and enjoy the following:

Find your Smooth Shade  :
1). Buy N5000 worth of products and get a FREE makeover 
2). Buy N10000 worth of Products & qualify for a Professional Makeup tutorial session with Celebrity MakeUp Artist / Maybelline MakeUp Artistic Director Bimpe Onakoya on Sunday 22nd June

See you there
Pretty K

On the Camera Matter Again!

Hey Pretties,

how are y'all doing? Getting ready for the beautiful weekend?

So i get asked this question over & over again : What camera do you use? While i think this is a very good question, i don't believe that this is the first question any makeup artist should ask. We sometimes miss the point.

Photography is something i've loved before i got the Sony Cybershot pocket camera. We are talking about some 9years ago,but one thing i know is that i just had an eye for detail. Even when it comes to what i wear / accessories i use, i believe in checking that nothing is clashing.


So i got my DSLR ( Professional Camera ) when i decided Presentation was crucial to the growth of my business. I initially took horrible pictures & had to take expensive classes to get a hang of it ( Not that it helped soo much, but at least i became familiar with the camera ). 

I did a lot of online reading, but half of what i tried didn't come out right, but i kept practising. Then i saw pictures of other makeup artists i admired & felt my camera was 'just there'. 

I went as far as getting 35mm & 50mm lenses, but i still took awful pictures. Then,it hit me : What was i doing with what i initially had? Had i tried to the very best of my ability? So i went back to the zoom lens that came with my camera ( 18 - 105mm )
I have made a mental note to always wear pants to work, so that i can assume this position :-P

What should first of all be important to any makeup artist is :

- Am i trying my best to ensure my work looks good on a phone? I have spoken about this before but i feel the need to stress this again.

Also, when taking pictures, you need to know what you want to capture :

- The Gele
- Her Hair
- Her Sideview
- Her Lashes ( From Above or beneath )
- Her Face in Full Frame
- Her Portrait from the bust upwards
- Her Portrait from her tummy upwards
- Her Full outfit ( only if you want to blog about it / You made the aso-oke,lol )

Picture taken with my Sony phone

I said this because i want to paint a scenario : Imagine you have just worked on a bride & she looks so stunning & while the pictures you took with your camera look out of this world, the bbm version on all her friend's phones show your work as horrendous ( uhn hmm, i said so because it has happened to me before ). 

Camera version of the same model ( Beads by Bimmms Alaso-Oke - 08178784445 )
So i decided to first, concentrate on the work i was doing and then take a picture with my bb or android phone. 

In conclusion, if it looks good on your phone, you can bet that it will look beautiful with a DSLR.

By the way : I use a Nikon D90 & the kit lens that came with it ( Yes, i'm team Nikon :-D )

Pretty K

Friday, June 13, 2014


Hey Pretties,

29th of May was a much-anticipated day as it was the day our 1st edition of Sculpt Like A Pro| held in the city of Abuja.

It was a special day as it happened to be Democracy Day(a public holiday in Nigeria), the weather was beautiful & the city of Abuja experienced no calamity to God's Glory.

In attendance were already practicing makeup artists & people looking to pursue a career in makeup artistry. We had attendees from Abuja, Jos, Benin & Kano, which i find intriguing

Here are pictures from the Abuja Edition :

My Humble Self ( Adekunbi Fashakin of SitPretty Beauty)

Love Olaleye of Flawless Touch Makeovers
 Some of the attendees:

Our Model for the event

Time to Beat the Face

The Almighty Brows

 Attendees trying to replicate :

Teaching Strip Eyelash Application

The Finished work on our beautiful Model. Now that's how you Sculpt Like a Pro
Teaching the elements of Gele Tying

Lunch Time

Signing Certificates
 And Presentation of Certificates:


Please check back for more Sculpt Like A Pro Updates or log on to : for more pictures and keep tabs on us

Pretty K

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Collaborations & Projects

Hey Pretties,

As a resolve i made last year, collaborating with key players in the beauty industry became a must for me as that's the best way i know to stay relevant in a fast-evolving field of business.

So, for the very first edition of the MAKEUP IN NIGERIA CONFERENCE (MINC), which took place on the 30th of April, 2014, i was made a part of the planning committee & though my input may have been a trickle, i was glad to see that decisions agreed upon were actualised. 

You can bet it was a well attended event hosted by the one & only Tara Fela-Durotoye of House of Tara International. Makeup Artists & people in the beauty industry in & out of Nigeria were all in attendance.

1 day to Go & the Media team was in full swing
Seats dressed & ready to go

Attendees during registration

Registration & photo stand
The Massively Packaged BallRoom of Oriental Hotel which sat over 500attendees

Myself & Shalom, A Proud ex-student of SitPretty. I Love Her!
Myself & the Ever Bubbly Lola Maja

We definitely all look forward to #MINC2015. You never know, i might be called to the podium to teach someday :-)

In Other news, *cough cough*, i'm now a travelling teacher of the art, Yay!!!

4months ago, I & Love Olaleye of Flawless Touch Makeovers partnered to form a movement called SCULPT LIKE A PRO.

It has amassed a large number of followers who we hope to all meet as much as our travelling & business allows us.

Please check back for updates on Sculpt Like A Pro as we grow along

Pretty K


Hey Pretties,

I apologize for being incommunicado. I had some major changes in my life that it took months & me sitting up at 2:56am to share with you.

SIT PRETTY BEAUTY now has a Studio. Yippee!!!

Its still undergoing finishing touches, but its open for business. I'm so excited as this is the first of many to come ;)

The studio is located at 25, Prince Adelowo Adedeji street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1

Directions : When you drive in through the 1st Lekki Gate, its the street to the right after KFC & Chicken Republic

We look forward to having you over as I & my amazing team are there to meet all your beauty needs

Pretty K