Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Collaborations & Projects

Hey Pretties,

As a resolve i made last year, collaborating with key players in the beauty industry became a must for me as that's the best way i know to stay relevant in a fast-evolving field of business.

So, for the very first edition of the MAKEUP IN NIGERIA CONFERENCE (MINC), which took place on the 30th of April, 2014, i was made a part of the planning committee & though my input may have been a trickle, i was glad to see that decisions agreed upon were actualised. 

You can bet it was a well attended event hosted by the one & only Tara Fela-Durotoye of House of Tara International. Makeup Artists & people in the beauty industry in & out of Nigeria were all in attendance.

1 day to Go & the Media team was in full swing
Seats dressed & ready to go

Attendees during registration

Registration & photo stand
The Massively Packaged BallRoom of Oriental Hotel which sat over 500attendees

Myself & Shalom, A Proud ex-student of SitPretty. I Love Her!
Myself & the Ever Bubbly Lola Maja

We definitely all look forward to #MINC2015. You never know, i might be called to the podium to teach someday :-)

In Other news, *cough cough*, i'm now a travelling teacher of the art, Yay!!!

4months ago, I & Love Olaleye of Flawless Touch Makeovers partnered to form a movement called SCULPT LIKE A PRO.

It has amassed a large number of followers who we hope to all meet as much as our travelling & business allows us.

Please check back for updates on Sculpt Like A Pro as we grow along

Pretty K

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  1. Wow! I admire your work on instagram ma, and all the while i never knew you were my teacher's teacher- i was tutored by Mrs Shalom Orjji (mille visages). So indirectly, im your product too. *wide grin* im glad i know my makeup origin, so to speak. You are definitely a great teacher because she is and so am i. I am Opara Debbie, CEO Tickles Makeovers.


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