Friday, July 3, 2015

SitPretty Beauty of the Day!!!

Hey Pretties,

Today's beauty of the day is none other than Patricia Ozegbe who many know as 'Sparkle Fashion'( a fashion accessory business based in New Jersey, United States with a branch in Ikeja, Lagos). 

We struck a friendship a few years back when i was seeking how to improve on my craft & source for products from the United States. She offered to help & that was how the journey began.

She was in Lagos for her cousin's wedding & you can be sure i was the mua of choice *wide grin*

Please follow her on instagram - @mysparklediva1

on facebook -

'Kunbi, The Makeup Maverick

A May to Remember!!!!

Hey Pretties,

If you don't follow me already, my instagram handle @sitprettymakeupmaverick hosts a lot of more recent updates as my owning a studio in lagos has taken so much time from me.  Having to shuutle between Ajah & Lekki has had me on the road for close to 5 hours daily , that the time to blog has become very precious.

So what happened in May? Yes, Nigeria's President & Vice-president Elect were sworn into office. But what is most memorable to me is that i spent the weekend of the Inauguration, dolling up the Wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( Glory to God ).

This wasn't like what i had experienced before, i was rubbing shoulders with people of repute & good status. It wasn't bridal makeup that i had over the years carved a niche in. This was makeup for a high-profile individual who is very modest in everything she does ( i couldn't work on her brows for instance, the change to her face would have being too dramatic & oh no, the script didn't involve drama ).

Thankfully, i had met her once through the referral of a very wonderful client of mine, Mrs F. It was for a gala event before the elections took place & it was just a 20-minute encounter. But i never expected to get a message that read ' I have been asked to bring you to Abuja for some days '.

Whether i like it or not, SitPretty made history & will be in any pictures you see of the beautiful wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, you can be sure of that.

I give God praise for his faithfulness & support. Indeed a diligent (wo) man , will stand before Kings & not common people.

Photo Credit :

'Kunbi, The Makeup Maverick

'Kunbi, the Makeup Maverick

The Beginning of An Even Better Half

Hey Pretties,

welcome to the month of July. It's amazing how far gone the year is. I wish you all the best things in life. 

'Kunbi, The Makeup Maverick

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Product Alert - In My Kit!!!

Hey Pretties,

So , the last couple of months, i have added a couple of products to my train case that i know may be helpful to many of you still looking to build your kits to a certain standard.

I will list a couple of them & do a fitting review of them as we go along. Please note, that all these items are available for purchase at our Lekki Office & will also be available for purchase at the Makeup Fair taking place on the 21st of June.

1). Callas Eyelash Glue - lash glue in a lipgloss tube that comes with a wand for easy application.

2). Lock on Lash - lash glue from the stables of Danessa Myricks, the Supertalented American Makeup Artist, Teacher & Author. 

 3). Location bags - See through, Light weight, Compact

4). Complexion Sponges - Soft, multi-sided, easy to clean, instantly reusable, durable, survives wear & tear, doesn't fade in color

These are products in my kit that i certainly can't do without. Share some of your favorite products with me

'Kunbi , The Makeup Maverick

From Kaduna with Love!!!

Hey Pretties,

so last month, work took me to the town of Barnawa in Kaduna State all for Oyindamola Adebosin.

Referred by my dearest family friend, Nkem, i didn't meet Oyinda till i got to Kaduna even though she resides in Lagos. Kaduna, was the location of her Traditional Wedding as respect had to be paid to her parents who are based in Kaduna State.

As usual, Aero Contractors moved our 3:50pm flight to 5:15pm which seemed like the longest wait of my life. But, trust the capable Oyinda to have sorted the flight, airport transportation & hotel accomodation of all her vendors flying in from Lagos.

On the flight, i met her trusted Videographer Tolu ( Instagram - @tolusholanke ), her Photographer Jide ( Instagram - @jideakinyemi ) & 2nd photographer Kunle ( @elnukawo ). So, riding 45minutes to Barnawa was a bit interesting.

On getting to the bride's house to get acquainted, we met a welcome party. Suya, lots of food & drinks & an amazing DJ who worked his magic, made the long trip worth it.

Fast forward to the next day, the trad ceremony wasn't to begin till 3pm, so imagine how my morning was. Absolutely restful!

For her dress change, she changed from her Blue Monotone Ensemble to a Pink Monotone ensemble. At the end of the day, i had a completely satisfied bride.

Here's to more visits to Kaduna in the nearest future.

'Kunbi, The Makeup Maverick

Great Happenings At SitPretty!!!!

Hey Pretties,

it's been a bit too long & again, i have defaulted in bringing you the happenings in my world as often as i can spare.

So, finally i have been able to find someone to manage the blog when i'm busy travelling the world.

Welcome to the Month of June, it promises to be an amazing month. So what are you waiting for?? 

Live, Breathe, Enjoy your Life!!!

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Pretty K

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brand Alert - MARYKAY ( Now available for Retail & Wholesale opportunities) !!!

Hey Pretties,

We now have a large stock of Marykay Products coming into Lagos in the month of April. Feel free to walk into our Lekki store to get your perfect color matching & learn how to get the best from your MK Products & for those seeking wholesale opportunities, give us a call & let's talk business.

 Freebies, await you for every 5000NGN purchase you make


The Makeup Maverick, SitPretty!!!

SitPretty Beauties Of The Day!!

Hey Pretties,

Who else would take this title,if not a #SitPrettybridenowmum. And here's the instagram message i wrote to her which in my books went viral & which i also send to you my blog readers.

The Fagbuaros

It isn't wednesday, but I'm definitely crushing on a #supermum #mamaibeta #sitprettybridenowmum @gbohunmi. I can't imagine what carrying these beautiful souls was like for you Gbohunmi, but I'm totally thankful that you can smile so widely today.So to everyone taking time to read this epistle 🙈, please stop what you're doing this instant & thank God for his awesomeness in your life, thank him for his goodness today, thank him for that special man in your life, pray for the kids he's given you/you're expecting/you're trusting him for. Thank him for the job you have/ the bill of good health you're enjoying / your colleagues that make work bearable / the staff you have that help you stay sane. Loads of Love Gbohunmi 😘😘😘😘😘

Believe it or not, there's always something to be grateful for

The Makeup Maverick, SitPretty

Beauty Supply Going Large At SitPretty!!!

Hey Pretties,

Have you had trouble getting beauty products at your disposal. Is it a huge inconvenience for you to shop for your beauty needs at the major markets in Lagos because of lack of where to park & inability for these products to be tested on you properly.

Look no further, SitPretty Beauty & it's sister company (to be unveiled soon) is poised to meet all your needs and then some.

Here are a couple of brands we will be retailing & in the long run wholesaling for those looking to be financially independent doing what they love ... USING MAKEUP, SHARING MAKEUP TIPS, SELLING MAKEUP.

For how to shop for these products , visit our physical store at Top Floor ( Cafe Maison ) - 25,Prince Adelowo Adedeji Street,off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 or send us a mail & delivery & payment options will be communicated to you.

The Makeup Maverick, SitPretty!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unveiling Of The Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria #MAGN

Hey Pretties,

So something huge happened in the Nigerian Makeup Industry on Wednesday, the 11th of March, 2015 & i'm delighted to bring this news to you as i've been challenged with my blogging & sometimes i get information late because my other activities.

We experienced a quantum leap in the makeup industry , it was the unveiling of guild governors of the of the Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria #MAGN.
Now, for so long, the makeup Industry has been without a regulatory body & i'm sure the pros of having one outweigh the cons in so many ramifications. Maybe now, many will begin to respect the profession of Makeup Artistry & Beauty as a whole.

MAGN is Nigeria’s makeup and beauty industry association that will bring passionate beauty forward professionals together.

The mission in plain English is to establish, promote integrity and raise high standards within our industry through the active participation of our members by offering a suite of benefits that will enhance their various enterprise.

The need for standardization and raising the bar arose as the industry began to experience a great number of makeup artists and also the sudden interest of international brands plying their trade in Nigeria, has necessitated the very crucial need for this institution. 

Professionalism, ethics of the trades and other very important tenets are needed to sustain the credibility and respect in the global market.

MAGN ‘s mandate is to be an active authoritative voice promoting integrity and high standards within the beauty industry.

The Governors Nominated selected based on a number of criteria are: Tara Fela-Durotoye, Banke Meshida Lawal, Bolanle Okusanya Feyita ,Eni Balogun, Yewande Peregrino, Lolade Ogunjimi, Bunmi Oyeniyi ,Kemi Imevbore Uwaga, Olusegun Hakeem ,Bimpe Onakoya and Ebele Ugochukwu.

They will serve as expert spokespeople to the Guild, they will also ensure the Guild remains relevant with the needs of its Executives and the industry at large .As advisers to the executives of the guild, they will provide support, inspire and motivate MAGN members.

After a year,an executive body will come on board who will run the affairs of the guild, they will be nominated and voted for publicly (the Governors are not part of the executives).

A few witnesses were invited to be part of the guild governors unveiling:

Stella Maris – Stella’s Addiction
Lola Maja–Okojevoh – Sacred Creative Artistry
David Sucre – Dave Sucre
Barbara Onianwah – Barbara & 1923
Adebimpe Adeyi – Brownies World
Gbemisola Adebayo – Hegai & Esther
Funmilola Olurinola – Abeke Makeovers
Tara Adesemowo – Taries Beauty Lounge
Love Olaleye – Flawless Touch Makeover
Mary-Jane Ohobu – Zaron
Kuro Fred- Colour Harbour
Ngozy Atta – Jaga Beauty
Temitayo Aderibigbe – Nsoleke
Isoken-Adacha – dash n blush
Namure Edoimioya – Namsplace
The Steering committee /Team members are:
Omontese Akhetuamn
Nifemi Fagbohun
Bukki Okoligwe Obey
Olajide Okerayi
Ogbonmwan Osamu
Olajumoke Tychus
Omowunm Osayomi
Funke Tonye-Preghafi and
Oluyemisi Dada Seriki

Kudos to the founder Omolola Faleye for the successful event.

See Pictures Below:

10431559_1581469372127936_3127456642245453418_n 1507704_1581472458794294_3692952159257876869_n 10363730_10152777806728753_6040976881453108995_n 21707_1581470692127804_3279993880995439359_n 11018318_1581473375460869_1377746780602479811_n 10659397_1581469622127911_8341534981741287363_n 10476456_1581473655460841_8520600596881590492_n 10431442_1581470805461126_806316540993002951_n 11069798_1581472625460944_6783186347638412967_n 11069880_1581473528794187_5335167365740978768_n 11064602_1581471715461035_2822699761493914869_n 11061656_1581472588794281_4015124820732677685_n 11046596_1581471758794364_5780158363192579107_n  11050218_10205151521280459_2899211252248380701_n 11050230_1581472742127599_1134953040937597775_n
13474_1581471512127722_4011842763431311246_n 10994934_1581473105460896_8495099481108796788_n 10422972_1581473332127540_5238185458258818805_n 11046432_1581473628794177_1383819781471850712_n 10996177_10204917729756249_5930507403982682501_n 11046596_1581471758794364_5780158363192579107_n 11026091_1581471612127712_3251918494233508301_n 10988262_1581469765461230_720512025077776021_n 11006394_1581471302127743_2920511071753207845_n 11070266_1581471265461080_1502283062014669253_n 1503937_1581475758793964_5485540191591374527_n 11050293_1581471412127732_26627962336850712_n 10835462_10205151520560441_3767006899936982984_o 10996491_1581470628794477_430657661155216311_n 11041754_1581470842127789_2971522201930655373_n 11017507_1581469802127893_2306854327007817849_n 1508054_1581471018794438_6165358823365693682_n

All Nigerian makeup artists are implored to pray for the success of this guild . For more updates and information, follow the following social media handles below:

MAGN – United by Passion


Twitter: @muaguildng

Instagram: muaguildng


Source :

The Makeup Maverick, SitPretty