Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Myth Buster : Basic Eyeshadow Application!

Hey Pretties,

Permit me to say : This isn't makeup school! But if this post will help educate someone, i would then be glad. I love to blog about my experiences & most times,i meet women who have been wearing eyeshadow for years, but don't know where to put what.

Some women have even beautified people for years,lol & can't describe the process in words.The funniest is when a young lady approaches me wanting to get some education and states : I KNOW HOW TO DO MAKEUP OO.

When i then ask for proof of that statement, wahala(trouble) begins, hence this post.


The above labelled picture i hope will help you understand the terms below better:

- HEAD OF BROW : This is where your brows should begin.

- ARCH OF BROW : This is the highest point of your brows.

- TAIL OF BROW : This is where your brows should end.

- BROWBONE : Both MATTE & SHIMMER / FROST colors in light hues can be placed here, but its most flattering to place MATTE colors here,except you are very skilled.

- CREASE :  This is the sunken part of your eye, where MATTE colors in dark hues are preferably placed.

- INNER CORNER OF THE EYE : Both MATTE & SHIMMER / FROST colors in light & dark hues can be placed here (The picture above demonstrates that).

- LID / CENTER OF LID : Both MATTE & SHIMMER / FROST colors in any hue can be placed here.

- OUTER CORNER OF THE EYE : Outer part of the eye, where MATTE colors in darker hues are preferably placed.

Hopefully, your eye makeup application should improve from today. Please feel free to send me pictures of your progress : sitpretty412@yahoo.com


Pretty Makeover : Clean Beauty!

Hey Pretties,

Ejiro happens to be a current student of mine & as part of the training i give,i teach DIY where i help you identify the strongest features of your face & show you how to make them look stunning.

Ejiro's idea of makeup (The Way She Came That Morning)

I believe a makeup artist/any woman in the beauty industry should be able to project her services just by the way she appears . I mean, you can't sell Spa beauty treatments to someone when you have awful & scarred skin & expect good business.

That aside,we began the class with a proper foundation & concealer routine. I Shared the importance of applying makeup on very clean skin as well as the effectiveness of Primers. You can judge by her picture below the difference doing so makes.

A Proper Base Laid Out

Then, i went ahead to show her how to bring out the eyes,lips & face without a Myriad of wild looking-colors. Most clients i've met believe the louder the colors, the more work you've done. I BEG TO DIFFER!!


 Products Used

- MaryKay Medium Coverage Foundation in 607
- Black Opal Stick Foundation in Nutmeg
- Milani Mineral Powder in Warm & Iman Powder in Earth Dark
- Casabella 'Sangria' Eyeshadow as Blush

- MAC 'Paradisco' Eyeshadow
- MAC 'Hepcat' Eyeshadow
- Casabella 'Sangria' Eyeshadow (in the crease)
- MAC 'Fig1' & 'Embark' Eyeshadows (Outer Corner of the eye)

- Zaron 'Prune Juice' Lipliner pencil
- Milani 'Pink Mood' Lipstick
- Sleek 'Champagne' Lipgloss

 Pls feel free to try this look as i made it easy enough for anyone to attempt. Ensure always that you WEAR your makeup & not the other way round. I do pray Ejiro does same.


Product Review : ALMAY Eye Makeup Remover Pads!

Hey Pretties,

For a while now, i have been using this product on myself & on my clients and my love for the product is why i'm sharing it with you.

Have u ever had to wear liners and mascara & had difficulty taking off the product after a long day & carry about the residue when you're tired of tugging at your eyes and later itching your eyes repeatedly? Pls forgive my rambling, not taking off your eye makeup is the likely culprit.

Makeup Remover Pads (and not Baby Wipes) are the way to go and are no different from using a Makeup Remover liquid on dry cotton pads. But with makeup remover pads, the pads are pre-soaked in eye makeup remover liquid & you have no lint sticking to your lashes.I can bet your eyes will thank you for it. .

 According to ALMAY,
- The pads remove makeup without any irritation (I Agree)
- They leave no greasy residue
- They are Hypoallergenic (means - It has a decreased/lesser tendency to cause Allergies)
- They are suitable for Contact-lens wearers (which i happen to be)

To show you how effective they are, i made swatches of 3 lipsticks on my hand & then in one swipe,took them off with the makeup remover pad.

L - Lipstick swatches ; R - Swatches removed in one swipe
I hope i have been able to convince you about it's efficacy. Now, you have no excuse not to take off all your eye makeup.

Remember, if you can't find this product, you can use any generic oil-free makeup remover pad! Pls feel free to leave your comments or send me a mail : sitpretty412@yahoo.com


LOTD : Keeping it Simple!

Hey Pretties,

If you're familiar with the way i wear makeup when i'm in the mood ;-), you'll know that i go all out . But this particular day, i had back-stage work, but i felt it necessary to look the part & decided to Keep it Simple!

Notice, i now rock thinner brows. It's a look i decided to try a few times as i have come across quite a number of brides who barely have brow hairs.

If it's a look you like to rock, you can do it too.

Products Used

Mary Kay Medium-Coverage Foundation in 600 & 607
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Dark
Casabella Matte Eyeshadow in Sangria, as Blush (Remember i told you a light hand can use it as a blush)

MAC 'Paradisco' Eyeshadow , a Light Pinky Peach (Lids)
MAC 'Embark' Eyeshadow, a Matte Chocolate brown (Crease)
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Brandless Lashes

Zaron 'Cappuccino' Lip pencil
Milani 'Pink Mood' Lipstick
Sleek 'Champagne' Lipgloss

Pls feel free to share your pictures with me : sitpretty412@yahoo.com


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey Pretties,

  I discovered recently that i'm a nominee in the ELOY (Exquisite lady of The Year) Awards in the category of 'MAKEUP ARTIST OF THE YEAR'.

I was nominated last year & i must say that it was a huge honor & so is this year's. It would be nice to win an award *big grin*

Please vote by sending 'KUNBI FASHAKIN - MAKEUP ARTIST OF THE YEAR' to ELOY@EXQUISITEMAG.COM (eloy@exquisitemag.com)

OR going to this link : http://exquisitemag.com/make-up-artist-of-the-year/ and clicking beneath my picture.

Thank you As your vote says a lot about your faith & confidence in me.


Proper Skin Care - Dealing with Acne & Blemishes!!

Hey Pretties,

Permit me to discuss a topic i'm sure will be beneficial to every woman (or man) that wants the best makeup application possible and i hope it proves helpful.

Makeup most of us know dates back many centuries,even recorded in the bible,and has been an integral part of life. So when i hear people smirk/frown against those who do, i wonder who they are kidding.

But on many occasions,i have Spoken & chatted with women & men who tend to be severely concerned about their skin & it's appearance,most especially their battle with the dreaded 'ACNE'. Most people have self-medicated with 'AMPICLOX/TETRACYCLIN/ERITHROMYCIN' (antibiotics) for countless years without any particular improvement to their skin.

 Rather their acne has taken a turn for the worse & it has been my personal campaign to create better awareness on the benefits of proper skin care & i certainly pray (it's that serious) that this post changes the lives of many people out there.

I won't go into the Topic of Acne since the internet has exhaustive articles but i'm gonna give a few pointers:

- Acne is a skin disease, fight it!
- Acne is the number one cause of Low-self esteem in humans.
- Acne can only be covered to a certain degree by makeup, except you plan on piling on makeup the size & height of the acne cysts(shame on you).

- You most likely are the one to blame for how badly your skin has become
- Acne isn't a problem of the face alone, it affects the upper parts of the chest as well as the back(Pregnant women face this a lot).


- Wear a silk scarf / cap to bed. If that's not convenient, wash / change your pillowcases every week
- Stop picking at the whiteheads.This is one of the reasons for the Black / Red Blemishes that remain on your skin after the cyst goes away. Many times, you transfer bacteria to your face via your hands which are almost never clean.

- Imbibe a CTM (Cleansing , Toning & Moisturizing) Regimen & do so 2wce a day. If you sleep off / forget to do so after work, do it immediately you wake up & remember.
- Always remember to take off every trace of makeup, even if its only eye makeup you have on. That's where the CTM Regimen comes into play.

- Use products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid OR Salicylic Acid as these are active ingredients that help fight acne e.g. PROACTIV, EXPOSED, DERMACLEAR et al
- Check your diet for foods(esp. those with high glycemic load) that trigger the intensity of the cysts e.g. Bread, Milk, Peanuts, Chocolates, Pastries et al.
- Use Non-comodogenic products (Primers,Foundations & concealers), that won't clog your pores & trigger more outbreaks.
- Wash your makeup brushes & sponges. Throw away any bad / torn sponges & keep your makeup in a clean makeup bag.
- Don't self medicate. From my research, i discovered Oral Vitamin A supplements (e.g. ACCUTANE) causes Birth Defects after a long period of use. I also learnt that any woman trying to get pregnant shouldn't use Antibiotics as a preventive measure

In Conclusion, proper skin care & habits are the surest way to fighting ACNE. Best of Luck.

Pls feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment or send a mail to sitpretty412@yahoo.com.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Product Review : Casabella Matte Eyeshadows in 'Navajo Brown' & 'Sangria'

Hey Pretties,

I have been a huge fan of Casabella Beauty for 2years owned by Mrs Bukola George who also owns & runs the prestigious 'Healthplus' Pharmacy in Nigeria.

Both businesses i patronise often & so this isn't an advert for them,but great brands should be celebrated once in a while.

Anyway,Casabella owns the REVLON franchise in Nigeria & carry other brands like MAC,Studio Secrets,Almay,Bobbi Brown,Milani, you name it!

So imagine my joy when i learnt they had their own brand, but the catch is : THEY AREN'T BRANDED! Why? i'm absolutely clueless.


- They are highly pigmented. A little swipe goes a long way.
- They're very easy to blend.
- Even though they are Eyeshadows, they double as Blushes (only if you have a light hand).
- The price point is very reasonable for 3grams of Product.
- Navajo Brown triples as an Eyebrow Powder(Good Value for your Money if you ask me).

As a great fan of matte eyeshadows , this is one purchase i'll be making Over & Over & Over Again!!

So if you happen to be in any of the Shoprite Malls ( Lekki, Suru-lere & Ikeja ), stop by Casabella & be sure to say who referred you.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with Casabella , i bought the products & i'm not been paid to review them.

Product Review : Zaron Luxurious Lipglosses in ' 24Karat ' & ' Barbie Doll '

Hey Pretties,

2 months back,i decided to visit Zaron's Studio in Ikoyi to look through the products they had to offer, test some & then make a purchase.

I'm personally not good with new brands, but i like to slowly integrate them into my kit. SO my purchases ended up being lipglosses & pencils(review coming later).

Of the 4 lipglosses i chose, these 2 happen to be my favorite : Barbie Doll & 24 Karat.


24 Karat

- Thick in texture
- Applies easily with good stay
- Peachy Pink in colour

Barbie Doll

- Also thick in texture
- Light Pink with a great show of shimmer

Cons - I'm not a Great Fan of the fragrance(which i'm a sucker for), but asides that. It's a Fantastic Product.

So get yours at the nearest Zaron Outlet. Happy Shopping!


DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with Zaron, i bought the products & i'm not been paid to review them.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bridal Feature - Sese

Hey Pretties,

I met Sese by chance last year,but didn't get to meet her till the day of her wedding earlier this year. She happens to be a great fan of my work & her excitement couldn't be contained. She absolutely loved her looks & i'm greatful to have been a part of her special day.



Products Used :

Eyes - BmPro ' Moccasin ' Eyeshadow
                MAC ' Steamy ' Eyeshadow
                Milani ' Blue My Mind ' Eyeshadow
                Red Cherry ' 747M ' Strip Lashes

Cheeks - Black Radiance ' Plum Sorbet ' Blush
                       Sleek Contour Kit in ' Medium '

Lips - BM Pro ' Mahogany ' Lipstick
               Jordana ' Lollipop ' Lipgloss

And For Her White Wedding, we went with a Little Less Colour.

 Products Used :

Eyes - BmPro ' Moccasin ' Eyeshadow
                MAC ' Paradisco ' , ' Hepcat ' & ' Embark ' Eyeshadows
Cheeks - Black Opal ' Peachtree ' Blush

Lips - Casabella ' Bombshell ' Lipstick
               Milani ' Pink Mood ' Lipstick
               Clear Lipgloss


PhotoCredit : www.bayoomoboriowo.com

Hope you like both looks