Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Review : ALMAY Eye Makeup Remover Pads!

Hey Pretties,

For a while now, i have been using this product on myself & on my clients and my love for the product is why i'm sharing it with you.

Have u ever had to wear liners and mascara & had difficulty taking off the product after a long day & carry about the residue when you're tired of tugging at your eyes and later itching your eyes repeatedly? Pls forgive my rambling, not taking off your eye makeup is the likely culprit.

Makeup Remover Pads (and not Baby Wipes) are the way to go and are no different from using a Makeup Remover liquid on dry cotton pads. But with makeup remover pads, the pads are pre-soaked in eye makeup remover liquid & you have no lint sticking to your lashes.I can bet your eyes will thank you for it. .

 According to ALMAY,
- The pads remove makeup without any irritation (I Agree)
- They leave no greasy residue
- They are Hypoallergenic (means - It has a decreased/lesser tendency to cause Allergies)
- They are suitable for Contact-lens wearers (which i happen to be)

To show you how effective they are, i made swatches of 3 lipsticks on my hand & then in one swipe,took them off with the makeup remover pad.

L - Lipstick swatches ; R - Swatches removed in one swipe
I hope i have been able to convince you about it's efficacy. Now, you have no excuse not to take off all your eye makeup.

Remember, if you can't find this product, you can use any generic oil-free makeup remover pad! Pls feel free to leave your comments or send me a mail : sitpretty412@yahoo.com


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