Friday, June 20, 2014

On the Camera Matter Again!

Hey Pretties,

how are y'all doing? Getting ready for the beautiful weekend?

So i get asked this question over & over again : What camera do you use? While i think this is a very good question, i don't believe that this is the first question any makeup artist should ask. We sometimes miss the point.

Photography is something i've loved before i got the Sony Cybershot pocket camera. We are talking about some 9years ago,but one thing i know is that i just had an eye for detail. Even when it comes to what i wear / accessories i use, i believe in checking that nothing is clashing.


So i got my DSLR ( Professional Camera ) when i decided Presentation was crucial to the growth of my business. I initially took horrible pictures & had to take expensive classes to get a hang of it ( Not that it helped soo much, but at least i became familiar with the camera ). 

I did a lot of online reading, but half of what i tried didn't come out right, but i kept practising. Then i saw pictures of other makeup artists i admired & felt my camera was 'just there'. 

I went as far as getting 35mm & 50mm lenses, but i still took awful pictures. Then,it hit me : What was i doing with what i initially had? Had i tried to the very best of my ability? So i went back to the zoom lens that came with my camera ( 18 - 105mm )
I have made a mental note to always wear pants to work, so that i can assume this position :-P

What should first of all be important to any makeup artist is :

- Am i trying my best to ensure my work looks good on a phone? I have spoken about this before but i feel the need to stress this again.

Also, when taking pictures, you need to know what you want to capture :

- The Gele
- Her Hair
- Her Sideview
- Her Lashes ( From Above or beneath )
- Her Face in Full Frame
- Her Portrait from the bust upwards
- Her Portrait from her tummy upwards
- Her Full outfit ( only if you want to blog about it / You made the aso-oke,lol )

Picture taken with my Sony phone

I said this because i want to paint a scenario : Imagine you have just worked on a bride & she looks so stunning & while the pictures you took with your camera look out of this world, the bbm version on all her friend's phones show your work as horrendous ( uhn hmm, i said so because it has happened to me before ). 

Camera version of the same model ( Beads by Bimmms Alaso-Oke - 08178784445 )
So i decided to first, concentrate on the work i was doing and then take a picture with my bb or android phone. 

In conclusion, if it looks good on your phone, you can bet that it will look beautiful with a DSLR.

By the way : I use a Nikon D90 & the kit lens that came with it ( Yes, i'm team Nikon :-D )

Pretty K


  1. Lol at 'so that I can assume this position'......lovely write up tho

  2. Beautiful. Professional cameras work wonders. Yea ur so right at “it will look horrendous" I see that a lot. Nice right up dear. .......

  3. Hmmmn so true...I hardly take pictures of my works because I don't have a pro camera...would work with my phone now till I get one!

  4. Thanks Kunbi. Gone through all stages, im getting there now


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