Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bridal Feature : Abi

Hey Pretties,

Of all the brides i've had to work on,i've never been soo excited as i was when Abi contacted me & said i would be travelling to Akure, Ondo State for her wedding. Truth is i love to travel and learn about new places & customs and of course take my brand name to new places.

Abi who doesn't reside in Nigeria didn't get to meet me till 2days before her Big Day. Thank God for the Blackberry,it's been a very wonderful business tool.

So armed with my tools alongside my dear friend Abisoye of BALL EVENTS,who happens to have been her Wedding Planner and Decorator, we hit the road. In my heavily pregnant state and hers as well, speeding was to be done with extreme caution & God was merciful to us. A supposed 4-hour journey became 5hours without a stop-over to Pee(A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.)
Tired Abisoye
So the 1st day came and i went for a colorful look and i played the role of a Facial Constructor,lol


Day 2,being an Environmental Saturday had us on the road very early in the morning with me heading to her hotel and guess what happened?? Her hairstylist was nowhere to be seen & didn't call till the bride was well on her way to church(Talk about Unreliable) & so i had the scary challenge of playing that role. I hope i did a good job?


At the end of the day i played the roles of Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & photographer,yay!! I was in very high spirits(i was going home) and so i had excess energy. So for those who wonder how working outside your base can be, i hope this post gave you a hint of what you should be prepared for.

Pretty K


  1. Wow pretty K u did a damn good job , I tnk u wld mk it in hair and photog also :) jst my opinion Lol wt do I knw.

  2. wow... kudoss dear, u did a beautiful job...

  3. You did a beautiful job considering your preg state. The Lord will continue to strenghten you.

  4. Wow, nice job, I will like u to do mine bt I ve a sis in law who is a makeup artist, I pray to ve u as my artist. Mary

  5. @anonymous 9.52am....pls I hv a candid advise 4 u,if ur sis inlaw is not a vry gud MUA...dnt trade ur wedding day look 4 nytin unless if u knw she's vry gud


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