Saturday, October 23, 2010


A friend brought it to my attention that most of you may have tried to leave a comment on my posts & haven't been able to.The truth is that i set the comments in such a way that anyone can comment.

So,to leave a comment:

  • Please look on your right at the side bar for the BLOG ARCHIVE containing all the posts i have made.
  • Open the post you want to comment on, in a new tab.
  • Make a comment.
  • Post your comment
It's that easy.Please,feedback is very important as it helps me help you better.

Thanks for being a part of my blogging experience.

Pretty K!!


  1. finally, thanks to ur advice on how to drop comments have really helped. Really a nu reader of your blog but would be very honest, find it quite informative.
    Now that i no how to comment, be sure to see my comments on your older post.

  2. Thank You Both For Stopping By.Its an Honor to have you both grace my blog.Cheers!!


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