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This Blog is intended to help people who have questions to ask & often don't get them answered so i hope these posts help.

When i say 'BASE',i mean your Foundation.I find that most women don't wear foundation for the fear of having their faces feel heavy.I agree once in a while, you should let your skin breathe.But foundations truly arent heavy if applied right & besides that,foundations do a lot more as stated below:

  • Evens out your complexion
  • Acts as a base for your Powder
  • Covers imperfections & scars
  • Gives you a more radiant complexion
  • Gives the appearance of flawless skin
  • Masks under eye circles depending on how intense they are


These are packaged in tubes,bottles & dispensers for easy application. They are top on my list because they are my absolute favorite. Most women love this formulation because it's fast & easy to apply,but can leave streaks if not properly blended or if you have 'Correctly' applied an 'Incorrect' shade,lol(Please check my previous post on how to get better results during application)

They come in Medium-coverage & full coverage formulas & every makeup brand makes them for Normal,Dry,Oily to Combination Skin.


These come either in Retractable stick form or in little pots. They have the dual capacity of Foundation & concealer,meaning that they have the best coverage available. They are created for dry skin,but of course,with th eright knowledge of how to apply,oily skin can also enjoy its coverage.Its also quick & easy to apply.


These actually come in Powder form & are lighter than the liquid version. They can be dusted on with brushes,but i know most women prefer the powder puffs(hmm,please get brushes).

This formulation gives u a barely-there feel, but could dry out your,it is mostly better for women with oily skin & because research has been carried out extensively on mineral makeup. They are said to be GOOD for the skin.So,try it today.


This is created mainly for oily skin & is intended to help keep skin looking matte,but may be very drying for people with dry skin. It's also a good alternative to liquids.


This i truly havent tried,but will let you know when i do.They are cream foundation with a 'Whipped' consistency.They claim to be the ideal formula in the sense that they apply as smoothly as the liquid does,but gives a finishing look resembling that of having used powder.Make sure that if you have to try this formula,you get the 'Matte' variant because it might leave oily skin looking even oilier.

It gives medium coverage,meaning that if you have lots of imperfections to hide,this is certainly not for you.It's also great for older skin as they do not settle into fine lines as opposed to most.


This works with the same concept Airbrush makeup does.Since it comes in a can,like any aerosol product,it should be shaken properly before spraying.You can spray unto a sponge or your skin.


This is simply a moisturizer that has a hint of color to it.It gives light coverage for days when you want a natural looking,please do not expect coverage of the liquid or cream consistencies.

But guess what,it makes a fantastic option for people with annoyingly dry skin due to it's moisturizing qualities.Older skin would love this as they also do not settle into fine lines & most have SPF protection.

The first key when purchasing a product isn't in the Brand or Price,though brand & reviews come into play most times.The key is in matching your skin & foundation,not just matching your skin,but matching your neck as well with your face. This helps to prevent a harsh line of demarcation between your neck & face.After you must have done this,you have other things you should consider.

With regards consistency & textures,this should guide you:

GOOD SKIN with Barely any scars: Sheer Liquid Foundation that applies easily

OILY/ACNE-PRONE SKIN : Oil control Liquid Foundation/Foundations formulated for Oily skin.

SKIN WITH FEW SPOTS: A full coverage Liquid Foundation/cream to powder Formulation would suffice.

HYPERPIGMENTED SKIN/SKIN WITH LOTS OF ACNE SCARS: A stick/cream foundation would be ideal. When blended properly,it leaves a seamless finish you would love.

Word of note: BLEND BLEND BLEND,like it's no (wo)man's business.

If you are about to buy your Foundation without being able to try it on,please go where such services are rendered for free.For tropic regions like ours where the intensity of the sun changes over time,it's very likely that at a point,your foundation might need to be changed.

So a key advice is to use Sunscreen lotions with SPF(Sun-Protection Factor) as much as you can or better still get a foundation that has SPF protection.

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!

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