Friday, October 22, 2010


Most People don't know this,but the most important tool of any Makeup Artist is their set of brushes & not their foundations or powders.Armed with the right brushes,we are capable of doing wonders.I liken myself to a painter because our tools are similar.What amazes me about brushes are the fact that they give precision to the finishing look you are trying to achieve.

The closest encounter most people ever had with makeup brushes were those little brushes that accompanied fashion fair blushes.My mum had one & when applied there was the harsh line of blush which at the time i felt was the most beautiful cosmetic item ever invented.Thank God for knowledge,lol.

Makeup brushes are made up of fibres[Synthetic or Natural(Goat,Ox or Squirrel Hairs)] & a solid handle(Plastic or wood) which enables you have a firm grip during application. Ideally a good makeup brush has fibres which are soft to the touch & of course,on the skin. The key is investing in quality & not quantity.

Anyway, i want to share with you the Staple pieces of Brushes any woman should have. I have about 40Brushes & counting,so you don't have to be like me. All a woman needs for her quick fix are these 5 Major Brushes:

1). Foundation Brush: These are usually made of synthetic fibers/hairs. Of course,there are various new shapes out there but the most commonly available is this shape below. The brush can be used in applying lotions,liquid & cream foundations. It's made of synthetic fibres because it has a longer life span & are much easier to clean than the natural hairs.

2). Powder Brush: These are made of natural hair fibres & allow for seamless coverage of the face with loose powder,pressed powder or bronzer. These come as long brushes or in the Short Kabuki Form & because of the fibres they are made of, they should be well cared for by washing every other week to prevent the growth of bacteria.

3). Eyeshadow Brush: These brushes also made with Natural Fibres are very handy in applying colours to the eyelid & helps in ensuring well blended results.It can also be used to highlight the browbone

4). Blush Brush: For lightly sweeping blush colour on the apples of the cheeks. This is just a smaller version of a Powder Brush.It can also be used to apply bronzer to more defined areas of the face.

5). Lip Brush: Lipbrushes help to apply lip sticks & glosses with precision.Some come with covers & others don't.It can also be used in applying concealer,wink!!

The key is in keeping these brushes clean & trying as much as possible not to share brushes. If you have to share brushes,please wash them often with some warm water & baby/mild shampoo & allow to air dry by laying them flat on a piece of towel. I personally do a lot more than this because i have to work on clients often & i'm armed always with clean brushes .

Most brands sell Mini-Brush sets which are handy & have these key elements.So,treat yourself to a good set of Brushes.

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!

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