Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keeping Up Appearances!!

Hey Pretties,

this post title is exactly what i've been doing. Since 'Nike's passing,i haven't been able to think straight because it's still hard to believe she isn't a phone call away.

The same can be said about all those who related closely with her, family & friends alike. I completely lost interest in blogging because there was nothing to be excited about. A few days ago,i gave myself a reality jolt because she would in no way support the morose attitude.

Haba! Do i want God to vex for me? < ---- That's exactly what she would say. Adenike, me i miss you oo & can never forget you. You remain dear to me, my journey as a makeup artist isn't complete without talking about how wonderful a friend you were.

Shine On Adenike!!!

Pretty K

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  1. Hi Kumbi, good job you're doing here. I understand how you feel,and I urge you to please cheer up. You haven't lost Nike, she didn't vanish. She transitiond into eternal Glory.I look forward to more reviews,tutorials, and pictures of jobs done cos you inspire me. Cheers!

  2. K, pls cheer up dear, Nike would be smilling and happy to see you exploit that which she has deposited in u as a sister and friend.. Keep the fire burning for 'her' us and keep making us proud!!! U can neva get her off ur mind, she'll forever live in ur heart! Dust off,standup, continue what u'v always done.. Love Love u!!! Godbless u.


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