Sunday, January 29, 2012

Product Review : Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) in Sin!

Hey Pretties,

I actually got this primer by mistake. i had ordered this through a friend & was looking to buy the Primer Potion in Eden. My friend ordered this instead & because it's a little bit pricey, i knew i couldn't throw it away.

There are mixed reviews on makeup forums, but i will make this review as personal as possible.

This product comes in a 'Genie-Looking' container, with an applicator. The product in it is a shimmery champagne colour, which needs to be blended,i would say with your fingers. A little product goes a long way, because if not properly blended, it might crease.

I only use this product when i need to have my eyeshadows on for a while,because it's very hard to remove from the skin.


1). Perfect for Oily lids
2). Perfect for shimmery shadows
3). Glides smoothly
4). A little goes a long way


1). Poor packaging limits the amount of product you get out of it. Most especially the Wand
2). Very pricey
3). Doesn't work well under Matte shadows
4). Might crease when heavily applied
5). Very difficult to clean off

I hope this review was helpful. If you actually need to use UDPP, i would advise you try it in the 'Original' Formula, which you can then use under both Matte & Shimmery Shadows.

Thanks for Reading

Pretty K

DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with Urban Decay, i bought the Product & i'm not been paid to review it.


  1. Interesting and educational piece..the color is cool buh i so do not like that its difficult to clean..

    1. Thanks JK,the fact that it's a tad bit difficult to clean means it does a fabulous job at keeping creasing at bay. But with an Eye-Makeup remover, you'll do fine!!

  2. i would have thought this is a lipgloss..thanks for the info, i would love to try them too.

    1. U should try the 'Original' Formula.Thanks Lovey!!

  3. I used this for a while the Original formula though and I hated the packaging. Its not sanitary at all! I found out after I got it that it also came in a tube which is much better.

    1. Hello dear, the tube was created for easier application as well as d fact that the product got dry quickly from pumping into the bottle!!

      Btw, love your 'Heat wave' FOTD, smoking hawt!!!


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