Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey Pretties,

I'm sure you all had a splendid valentine's day, lots of marriage proposals were made & i'm sure it was memorable for all of you.

To the topic at hand : Brush Cleaning!!!!

I'm aware most makeup artists and makeup users have never, i mean EVERRRRR, washed their brushes.

C'mon, who does that?

If i'm right, most people who use/used MAC Studio Fix & Studio Tech Foundations use the Puffs that come with the packaging from start to the end of that product.

At least, i know a couple of friends i caught (i shall not mention names, you know yourself(ves) oo), who are guilty of committing this atrocity to their faces.

1st of all, those puffs are only for short-term use, once its taken you over say 2weeks of daily use, i advise you to please throw them away and get proper brushes. You breed bacteria on both the puff & product & it's the major cause of skin irritation on faces.

Many brands carry disposable puffs, a common brand being SLEEK and various other ones in the market. Sleek, i highly recommend. It's not as porous as most i've come across. Ps : Disposable means you should throw them away after early signs of wear and tear (Busola - my good friend.i had to shame you).

Now, Brush hairs, most of which are natural hair fibres are best preserved when well taken care of & regularly cleaned. Take your foundation brush for instance, 80% of the time it is made of synthetic fibres. Notice how you notice streaks when you apply your foundation. 95% of the time, it's most likely as a result of the brush's dirty state.

What happens is that the foundation used the last time has dried up & caused some hardening to the hair fibres & so they aren't as flexible as when you first got them.

So how do we tackle this issue??? Very Simple, WASH YOUR BRUSHESSSSSS!! Once a week / every 2weeks would surfice, depending on how busy your brushes get!!

Please read my next post on how i clean my brushes

Pretty K


  1. true talk my dear. i see people breaking out all over their face all the time and the first thing i ask to see is what they use in applying powder or foundation and 90% of the time its always dirty smh. nice post!

  2. Asolutely agree.......cause am a leaving testimony, once i notice breakout my puff, brushes and pillow comes to mind and as soon as i have a change or wash within days breakouts begin to disappear!!!!.....Good job you are doing by the way and please where can i get the ruby woo?

  3. Very good post dirty brushes are absolute no no.....

  4. Lol, reminds of someone who never even knew she could wash her brushes and after I washed them for her she was amazed. Her next comment after that made me burst out in laughter. She said " and my gace scratches me o". I almost descended on her but I managed to just hiss in her direction and say "how won't it scratch you?" Nice post Kunbi.
    Please empahize to the general public that its not only MUAs that need to wash their brushes, lol.


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