Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Be Motivated!!

Hey Pretties,

If there's something you don't know about me, it's the Fact that i Love Challenges & I love to motivate people as much as i can. I don't know it all, but i have some experience & will never cease to share.

In a Country like Nigeria, there's no Field that isn't saturated with People. Some are in that Field because they were born to do it & their Passion is unrivalled, Others are in that field because they think it's Fashionable & others are in that field because they believe there's a lot of money to be made from it.

Some work so effortlessly & achieve remarkable results & others do exactly what the other person is doing, but find they still struggle. This post isn't restricted to what i do, so please think BIG!

The following Characteristics i have since learnt makes any business / endeavour:

1). Passion : Though mis-used so many times, passion is what drives you. It's what keeps you going when the end isn't in sight. It's what makes you trudge on when 'Giving-Up' would seem the wisest step.

 2). People Skills : I for one find this topic challenging, but most people need to learn 'How to relate with people'. Not everyone's a naturally Nice person,some have it running through their veins, some have imbibed the nature & some have refused to learn how to.

Every business / endeavour thrives on the opinions of others, that's what puts people in the News. That's what makes being on CNN a huge deal,lol . First opinions can make / mar a business and you may not always have the chance to salvage your image. Word-of-Mouth has always been the GREATEST MARKETING TOOL EVER!!

Tolerance also falls under this topic. Not every one needs to know your opinion on every matter, not everyone knows what you hate. We all have different backgrounds, temperaments & experiences, so be SLOW TO SPEAK!!!

3). Education : as with every endeavour, a certain level of schooling is needed. Formal / informal education is most definitely needed. I can't do what Baba Taju (Our Local Butcher) does because he has a wealth of experience in his field that can't be acquired in Harvard. It's important to LEARN all you can about the Field you have chosen to work in.

Gain enough experience before you pass information. I find most people in Nigeria are very willing to call themselves Teachers, but haven't taken out time to make sure they are passing the right information. Please don't get me wrong, i believe experience can never be gotten from a book. It is what it is : EXPERIENCE

4). Diligence :
According to Wikipedia - is the STEADFAST application , assidousness & industry

According to Merriam Webster - Persevering application / the attention & care legally expected of a person (as a party to a contract)

He made this Saying so popular

How again can this be explained : to be diligent means to PERSERVERE(This word i know from the Bible to mean ENDURE). Challenges are inevitable in Life, your ability to keep your head afloat will go a long way in making you a better person. So DON'T GIVE UP JUST YET.

5). Support system : Not everyone can handle criticism / Refusal. I have in the not-so-distant past been told things like 'YOUR WORK IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH' , 'WHAT HAVE U ACHIEVED' , 'CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IS ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH' . These statements were made by People very close to me.

At the Time it was very hurtful, but they were actually right - MY WORK NEEDED TO GET BETTER & I DIDN'T DESERVE A HUGE TITLE/ALIAS. Those words of criticism have helped me and i never ever will forget them.

Making friends with People who inspire you & whose work you admire & aspire to be like goes a long way in building your confidence as a person. Family also plays a huge role & this is the Primary Support System.

6). Faith : The ability to trust in the Almighty does remarkable wonders. I'm a Faith-Person, I was created by faith & it's my nature. My ultimate Rolemodel is God, and he should be yours too. Praying & walking in Faith gives Grace, Renewes your strength, Changes your perspective, Makes you a better individual.
The Pin-up Look i just Love!!

If that much faith in God can achieve great results, how about having faith in yourself & your capabilities?? If anyone's my Greatest Fan,it is I (though i have a darling friend who's proven otherwise *Big Smile*)

7). Finances : I'm not an expert on this topic, but i believe A SAVING CULTURE, AN ABILITY TO PRIORITIZE & KNOWING HOW MUCH & WHERE TO INVEST are very important in finance.

I believe someone out there needed this & i hope i made sense. Pls feel free to leave your comments /send me a mail at & i'll be sure to add them to the post.

Pretty K!!!


  1. I am motivated to be a better person,learn more,love more and have more faith.Thanks Kunbi for a great post.xoxo

  2. Ty writes
    Thanks for this words, I needed it this morning as I am about to take a major step in my life and everybody is a bit skeptical as they say Economy Hard ( Leaving my paid job to go learn more on what I Love doing ) Keep Blogging girl.

  3. Good one kunbi,the LORD will bless u as u av blessed me today!

  4. Wonderful post! I'm so motivated. Keep it up K.

  5. Thanks a lot for confirming wat has been boggling my mind for a bit now, I actually gave up on d art of make-up thinking the business is saturated enough in 9ja wtout me being a part of it. But u have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities to carve a niche for myself & also differentiate my work.
    May God continue to bless the works of ur hands. Xx


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