Monday, February 27, 2012

Bridal Makeover - MAYOR (Engagement Day) !!

Hey Pretties,

why i saved this post till now is because God truly showed up in a very big way & i enjoyed working with this Gorgeous & highly Intelligent Bride (She's a soon-to-be PHD Holder ;)

How did i meet Mayor?
I never did until her Wedding Day last December. Her cousin saw my work on facebook, sent me a mail. Told Mayor to Check my work out & guess who was sent to do a trial in her place?? Her younger sister.

Now due to the fact that i needed to convince her sister to be able to convince her since she was studying abroad, i agreed to the trial & set a date to meet her sister.

This i enjoyed as Yemisi was particularly interested in how she would look on the day & not her sister, the Bride,lol. I felt relaxed and not on edge & by divine providence, i won her over.

Yemisi's Before (Pls don't Kill Me Dear)
Her After

Fast forward to the d-day, i was a few minutes late to get to the bride & she minced no words immediately she saw me ' Kunbi, hope you won't delay me like this when it's Time for Church '.

Those who know me know i'm always punctual, so this day was tricky as i had a bride earlier that day. And since she was wearing an All-Peach Ensemble, it was gonna be an absolutely Peach-inspired look which warmed up her pretty Complexion.

In her Lace & Gele(Headwrap)

With her Makeup Artist *wink*

And off she went to get Married
 Products Used :


MAC 'Soft Ochre' Paintpot
BM Pro 'Moccasin' Eyeshadow
MAC 'Expensive Pink' Eyeshadow
MAC 'Coppering' Eyeshadow
MAC 'Embark' Eyeshadow
MAC 'BlackTrack' Fluidline
i-envy by KISS Lashes

BlackOpal 'Peachtree' Blush
La Femme 'Coral Spice' Blush


Milani 'Ritzy 213' Velvet Creamy Lipcolor
Milani 'Deluxe 203' Velvet Creamy Lipcolor
Victoria's Secret 'Beauty Rush Lipgloss' in SUGAR HIGH

I Hope this Look Inspires a bride who's dressing up in similar colors and has no idea what she'll look good in. Neutral is always the way to go!!

Pretty K


  1. Oh Yemisi will definitely kill you ... but thanks again Kunbi... You did a fantastic job! It was a pleasure meeting you

  2. this is truly lovely. keep up the good work dear

  3. So Pretty!...Weldone.

  4. Yay,Mayor Commented. *Just Fainted*

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  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Deedy,hope you're following this blog?Please do so you can keep up with updates,thank you!

  7. Oh wow!I was @ Mayokun's engagement and wedding and you did such a good job.


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