Monday, February 27, 2012

Product review : MAC's Fix Plus (Fix +)

Hey Pretties,

after going through so many reviews on this amazing product, i finally added MAC's Fix + to my Kit and according to MAC, its an :

' Aqua Spritz of Vitamins & Minerals infused with a 'CALM-THE-SKIN' blend of Green Tea, Chamomile, Cucumber, topped off with the Fresh, Natural, Energizing Scent of Sugi. Adds Radiance, Finishes makeup. Spray it on, Skin drinks it up'

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In other Words, It's a Skin Refresher & Setting Spray all in one. I don't totally agree on it being a Setting Spray Like Others i Know, but i can say it's an Amazing Product & can be used BEFORE & AFTER makeup which i usually do.

Ingredients : Water , Glycerin ,  Butylene Glycol, Cucumber Extract , Caffeine, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate , Hydrogenated castor oil , Matricaria Extract amongst other products.

PRICE : The 100ml Bottle which i own, costs $20

I've had many months to test this product & i must say for it's price, u get a lot more than just Water :)

1). It's easy to use, the spray nozzle distributes fine & even mist each time
2). It smells Awesome. As in!! It's truly Refreshing
3). The Spray Nozzle has a 'Lock' Feature which is awesome for travel, but i make sure its really secured with some tape, i cant risk wasting it. It's not cheap :)
4). It sets makeup, if applied at the right distance from your face. Between 6-12 inches will do, depending on what result you want.
5). It has finely milled shimmer in it,which is good for looks that require a dewy finish.
6). It feels amazing on an especially Hot day.

1). Due to the Glycerin it contains, it has a tendency to be very sticky. So 1-2 sprays is fine & allow to dry when used after makeup.
2). It's certainly not cheap. At $19, i must confess it's pricey
3). The Sheen it leaves could tend to look oily on oily skins, so minimal use is advised.

1). As a Skin Refresher, especially on very dry skin before applying some moisturizer. All my Brides can attest to how amazing it is.
2). As a Setting Spray, after makeup application especially if you want to reduce the appearance of powder / cakiness, if you think you have gone overboard.
3). Sometimes as a Mixing Medium, though i must say it's not as effective as the MAC's mixing medium, but it does a much better job than ordinary water, due to the glycerin it contains.

VERDICT : It's a Product i plan on repurchasing and adding to my Skin Regimen. If you've tried this product, please feel free to share your review in the Comment box.

Hopefully, this was as a honest a review as it should be.

Pretty K

DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with MAC, i bought the product & i'm not been paid to review it.

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