Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey Pretties,

My Brushes BEFORE
In my previous post, i mentioned the reason most people break out as being because they haven't developed a Brush- cleaning culture.

The reason i'm a great advocate of brush cleaning is that :
1). Your Product shelf-life lasts a little while longer than you are used to seeing
2). You reduce health risks as a result of bacteria on your products.
3). Your clients will be grateful you did.
4). Makeup application looks a lot better & flawless.

This Puff is amazing, I'll write a post on them Later. Right now, it needs some washing

My brush Cleaning CREW (L - R : Dettol 'Healthy Touch' Handwash ; Recare 'Moisture Care' Conditioning Shampoo ; Profective 'Detangling Conditioner'  & MAC Brush Cleaner)

I forgot to add that i sometimes add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) when washing brushes that i use for WET products, e.g Foundation brushes, Eyeliner brushes, Lip Brushes et al. But please Note : Oil is better used on Synthetic Haired brushes than Animal Hairs, which is what Foundation, Eyeliner & Lip brushes are mostly made of.

Shampoo in a bowl of warm water

Shampoo solution topped with some Olive Oil - COMBO for Wet Products

Using my hands to swirl the brush

After rinsing, you always want to either lay ur brushes flat to dry OR at an angle with the Brush Hairs & ferrule(Metal part) of the brush Facing downwards. Doing this prevents the Glue holding your brush hairs & brush handle together from loosing grip.

Place your brushes in an airy place to dry (NOT IN DIRECT SUN) & give it about 8hrs to dry. If you are spoilt for time, your MAC Brush Cleaner comes into play. I'll show you how in another Post.
Brushes all washed & laid out to Air-dry

Please click back later to check how my brushes and puff faired after washing.

Pretty K

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