Saturday, January 28, 2012

My 1st Matte Lippies!!

Hey Pretties, now, this is no news,so why write about it?

Honestly, most of the lipsticks you find in Lagos are either Creamy or sparkly. Hardly would you come across a truly matte lipstick. When i ordered my very 1st MAC haul (See Post Here ) , i decided to go the Matte way & get me 2 mattes in the color range i use a lot, Red & Pink and i settled for the Very Popular RUBY WOO & PLEASE ME!!

Please Me

Ruby Woo


Please Me (I know i look funny,but applied with a darker lip liner,i'm sure my lips would look better.i'm no Nicky Minaj :))


A). Ruby Woo
 -  Rubywoo's the Perfect Shade of Red that goes with every Undertone/ Skin complexion and because of its Deep Blue Hue, it one of the safest reds you'll find out there,
   -  Because it's a Matte Lipstick, you'll do well to moisturize your lips say 30mins before application.
   Matte Lipsticks have a tendency to be very drying & enhance imperfections in any lip like Chaps & Blisters.
 -  It goes on very red, but not without you having to apply straight from the tube, a solution which made me break some into my lip palette. I do this a lot when any lippie tries to frustrate me.
 -  It's important to line your lips with a Red Lip pencil, a shade close to the shade of red rubywoo comes in, as close to your inner lip, otherwise, you end up with a lip that looks like this within minutes.

Now, you don't want to go anywhere with such lips :(

B). Please Me
 -  This on the other hand is a matte lipstick that's very uncommon.
 -  It's a shade of Baby Pink lipstick that reminds you of your Barbie doll as a kid, Nicky Minaj & Cotton Candy all wrapped in one.
-  If you have moderately shaped lips like mine, be ready to see your lips looking twice bigger. Being the shade it is, it gives instant volume to your lips.
-  If you have even bigger lips than mine, it would be more flattering if you applied a plum or berry lipliner or lipstick at the edges of the lips just to give some contrast. The darker your complexion is, the greater the need for you to do this.
-  It's as matte as Ruby woo above & you'll also do well to moisturize your lips before application

So hopefully, this review has been helpful for anyone considering getting any of these lipsticks. First choice been Rubywoo of course.

Thanks for reading,
Pretty K


  1. Awww, cute! Ans yes to Ruby woo!! I am working on my fav lipstick post as well. check out the blog. :)


    1. Joyo Falua, how great to hear from you after so many years (QC).I absolutely love your blog, just skimmed through(a little tired from blogging & typing up posts). But i shud hire u as my stylist, u have such great taste in clothes and jewelry

  2. LOL!! Yes, it has been a long long time. Glad to see you're doing well hun. Love your blog!!! Hopefully I can get a hang of blogging.

  3. 1st time reader! keep it up.


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