Sunday, July 8, 2012

Product Review : Bdellium Duet Fibre Brush

Hey Pretties,

a few posts back,i introduced Bdellium brushes to those who aren't familiar with the brand & showed the brushes i added to my Work kit!

I must say that before i give a review,i must have washed (you always want to wash new brushes before using them), used & washed them again.

Front View
According to Bdellium, the brush :
  • Is perfect for flawless application
  • Has luxuriously lacquered wooden handles for convenience
  • Bristles are treated with an antibacterial agent to preserve skin quality
  • Creates very smooth textures on skin
  • Can be used with liquid and cream foundations
Top View

I must say this brush shed just a hair when i washed it & it did a very good job at blending foundation and concealer especially in hard to reach areas like the Undereye area / the Nose.


It's a reasonably affordable brush & it retails for $12.32 at Bdellium Tools .


It can be purchased online through the link i wrote above or at Makeup Trade Shows such as The Makeup Show


The Brushes,which are from the STUDIO LINE, are pleasing to the Eye. The Yellow Signature Brush handles makes it a stunner at any point. The Lacquered handles gives the assurance that the brush will last quite a long time without looking old.


Bdellium prides in stating that their Brushes are Anti-bacterial (haven't seen any proof of such), but the brushes comes clean with every wash and dry, leaving no awful smells or stiff bristles.

Have you used any brushes from this line, pls feel free to share your thoughts on their performance by leaving a comment below

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