Friday, August 9, 2013

Product Review : Sleek 'Blush by 3' Blush Palettes in PINK SPRINT & PUMPKIN

Hey Pretties,

You would agree with me that sleek has evolved over the years,Amazingly so! Now, these blush palettes remind me of NARS Blushes which i have never used *sadly*

So i walked into the Sleek studio 2 days ago to get one of my favourite lipglosses and i sighted the blush palettes. Fortunately, i love colors,so i decided to purchase the 2 palettes in the review.

I used both blush palettes on a bride yesterday and the pigmentation was AMAZINGGGGGG. A tap or 2 of your brush does an amazing job at adding warmth to any skin tone.


is a palette that i believe flatters every complexion , but i got it for the very dark ladies most especially. The palette which i dubbed 'PLUMS' are what i believe would come through on the skins of the 'Wande Coal'(s) & 'Alex Wek'(s) of this world *no pun intended*


is a palette which i believe suits medium to light complexions in adding a degree of warmth & color as opposed to Pink Sprint which adds MORE of color to light complexions as opposed to warmth.

What I Love About Them :

- The Color Choices in the Palettes
- The Mirror which is as wide and long as the palette, makes it good enough to be carried for quick touch-ups
- The width & comfort while holding it
- The cost (=N=2000) for 3 'pigmented' blushes, is a good deal
- If you're into depotting, there's no need to do that with this palette as they don't occupy much space & are easy to carry about even in a wallet,compared to carrying 3 different blush pans


- If you're new to makeup and are confused about the shades of blushes to buy, these palettes are a MUST as Sleek has done all the thinking for you.

- If you're a makeup artist, the blush colors were chosen from a great understanding of the Color Wheel (A study of the Florist's color wheel is great proof)

Hopefully, this post has been helpful 

Pretty K

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