Friday, July 2, 2010


So,im very new at Blogging & its very difficult to put all i want to say on social networks like FACEBOOK or TWITTER. I just feel people don't need to know all that's going on in your life & really don't want to hear me ramble(not that i do anyway).

But on this blog,I intend to share a little more of myself,my interests & ofcourse my Passion for Beautifully Applied Makeup.

I'll also share Beauty & Fashion Tips to the best of my Knowledge,share the dos & dont's of Makeup,Fashion,Etiquette et al.

So i hope in 5 years time,Sit Pretty Becomes a Household Name when it comes to the afore-mentioned Interests of mine.

Thank you for Joining the Bandwagon,please don't forget to be a Follower(check the Followers Tab on the right hand side Below) & Be a Part of our Success Story.

Much Love,
Pretty K!!

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