Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It’s a thing of concern when you wear your Favourite lipstick & would love to have it look as good in pictures as they did when you looked in the mirror while doing your makeup, but lo & behold, it just doesn’t.

Well, here are a few steps to help you achieve long lasting lip colour even after eating, drinking or even just talking.

Smoothen out your lips (Exfoliate)

You can achieve this either by

1). Applying Vaseline on your lips (If you have chapped/Flaky Lips) for a few minutes before hitting the shower & then, with an old toothbrush, brush the surface of your lips gently, rinse off & leave to dry.

2). Apply a little Vaseline/your favourite lip balm for a few minutes & with a warm face towel, wipe off the excess & leave to dry

3). Use a wet face towel to scrub your lips with Granulated Sugar & rinse off

4). Use a Lip Exfoliator.

Perfect Your Lip shade

I guess you’re aware that most ladies have varying shades of Lips, from Pink, to Dark Brown to Multi-colored. You definitely don’t want those imperfections showing beneath your Lip colour & altering the result you wanted.

This can be done using just a teeny bit of your foundation (Liquid most preferably), but if you don’t have that, then a little of your cream foundation would work splendid.

Line & Fill in your Lip

You can do this with a Neutral Colored Lip pencil. Yeah, I know there are certain rules (Lining d lip with the same colour as the lipstick), but really I believe Makeup is Fun & you should have fun doing it. IT’S A RISK WORTH TAKING!!

Fill in with colour

You can do this with your Lipstick colour of choice either straight from the tube (so far as you don’t share it with someone else) or professionally, with a Lip Brush (This allows for precise placement of product & of course you get to use less product at the end of the day)

Blot & Reapply

Here’s where you want to go easy & not overdo things. With a 1 or 2 –ply tissue, blot your Lip colour & then, reapply the Lip colour. This should do it, but I’m aware that most Nigerian Ladies aren’t satisfied until they have covered the entire lip colour wt Shiny gooey Lip-gloss(please, a little goes a long way,literally).

Seriously, there’s no way anything glossy lasts very long. But if you want to give your Lips a bit of dimension, then, you can place some gloss at the centre of your Lips.

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!

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