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Hi Guys,im so sorry i havent been putting up posts.I've been pretty busy but that's no excuse to leave you all in limbo.So i decided to make it up to you with this post on Falsies(False Eyelashes).

Not everyone was born with Long, Luscious, Straight & Black Lashes, but as i always say, anything is possible with Makeup.

Lashes are Makeup essentials that take your Look from Regular to Glam. It adds Elegance to an Already Finished Look. They come in all sorts of Styles & colours & can be found as Strips, Individual clusters & Individuals.
Lashes are made with both Natural hairs & Synthetic Hairs & can be worn over & over again

Strip Lashes are the easiest to apply once you get the hang of it & can be applied by Professional Makeup Artists & anyone else in The Beauty Industry. They are also very easy to remove & can be re-used.
All you need are: Eyelash Adhesive, Strip Lashes, Cuticle Scissors, Toothpicks, Tweezers & Mascara. They are to be removed before going to bed, but can be re-applied the next day.

1). Gently pull off the Strip Lash from its tray with Tweezers or Clean Hands
2). Place the false lash on your natural Lash line to measure the length of your lash line
3). Trim off the excess lash with your Cuticle Scissors
4). Apply lash Glue to the entire Lash with the edge of your toothpick & wait 30seconds for the Glue to become tacky/sticky
5). Gently Place the lash as close to your Lash line as possible from one end to the other
6). Gently press down with your fingers to ensure the Lash has adhered to the skin
7). Blend your natural & False Lashes together with your Mascara to avoid any tell tale signs
Ps: Ensure you are done with your eye makeup before applying Strip Lashes, this gives a more natural result


These come in Individuals & Individual Clusters. They are made also with either Natural/Human Hairs or Synthetic Material. They are a little harder to apply & require extreme caution when doing so.
Unlike the strip lashes, they can be worn for as little as 2 weeks & as long as a month, depending on the type applied & also the method of Application. If not tampered with, they last as long as it takes your natural Lashes to shed.
These on the other hand, are better left to the experts to do, since each eye requires between 10-15(individual Clusters) & 15-50(Individuals). This sounds outrageous, but it actually depends on the Look you are trying to achieve.
All you need are : False Lashes(Clusters / Individuals), eyelash Adhesive(Specially made for Individual Lashes eg. Ardell), Plastic Surface / Piece of Foil & Tweezers

1). Clean the eye area to remove any traces of natural oils from your skin
2). Apply some of the Lash Adhesive to your Plastic Surface / Piece of Foil
3). With your Tweezers, grip your lash gently & pick a little of the adhesive with it
4). Lay it atop the Lash, applying as close to your Lash line as possible without allowing the glue touch your skin directly
5). Do this as many times as you want, depending on the effect/result you are going for & allow the glue to dry
6). Go on & apply your eye-makeup
Ps: depending on your expertise, you can apply your eye-makeup before applying the False Lashes

-          Never use Adhesives/Glues other than those made specifically for applying false lashes
-          Apply Extreme Caution when applying or removing eyelashes
-          Never apply Adhesive directly to the skin
-          Ensure your hands are clean before applying Lashes
-          Avoid rubbing hard on Eye-area when Individual Lashes are on, to avoid losing your natural Lashes too quickly
-          Remove Strip lashes by gently tugging from the Outer corner  of the eye, to the inner corner
-          Always close adhesive containers tightly to avoid them drying-out
-          Consult a Beauty Specialist, Eye lash expert or professional makeup Artist  when considering applying False Lashes


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