Monday, July 4, 2011

Product Review : Sleek Metallic Eyeshadow Duo in Molten Metal(714)

Hey Pretties,

I discovered this wonderful not-so-new product recently, when i stopped at the Sleek Store at Ipodo Market(for those who live in Ikeja) . Its a Cream Shadow that comes in 2 shades : Pewter & Gold Leaf. Its wet to the touch & applies like a dream. But like most cream products, i advise you set the "shades when using them with matching colored eye-shadows.


The packaging is as the name of the Brand,Sleek & fits easily in my palm. I'm sure it can fit into any purse,wallet or makeup bag easily. It also comes with a mirror,which is what i love about most Sleek products.

5.4g / 0.19oz  =N=900(Prices i state are as i bought them. Be prepared to spend a little less or more in Nigeria)

Without Flash
With Flash

Like i used on Monalisa here for her Exquisite Magazine Cover earlier this year!

I believe these are the only shades they have in this style, ill keep you posted if i find that there are more options.

- The Packaging makes it easy to fit into your Purse,Bag or Wallet
- Can be used to highlight the Inner corner of your eyes or to add special effects to an already completed makeup look
- Cleans off easily

- The Quality is poor (It doesnt spread smoothly and as an eyeshadow,it may require layers to achieve the desired results)
- It is pricey considering that it may need a shadow beneath to enable it last longer where applied

Pretty K

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way in affiliation with any of the companies whose products i display, i bought them with my own money & im not been paid to review their products.

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