Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey Pretties,

So,it's the very first day & believe me when i say i can't stand the numerous blackberry messages. Years back, it was the plague of SMSs, now that we've all become technologically savvy, BCs are sent like no man's business.

Asides the usual gestures above,i'm so Thankful to God for his many mercies & Hand of favor over my Life, Family & Friends.

I appreciate the prayers and what way to spread the love, than extend it to my favorite Blog Readers

So, as you begin this new month & the very last month of 2011.I pray nothing but God's best gifts to you & yours. May u abound in Wisdom & Joy. Where God hasn't planted you, you won't be seen there, In all Great Things, May You Flourish. May Ur Days Be Long & Merry & May You Always Overcome Challenges that may come your way. All these and more i pray for you all In Jesus' Mighty & Everlasting Name, amen.

Pretty K

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  1. Can't stand most broadcasts as well. Happy new month- it's like the year went by in a sports car

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