Thursday, January 10, 2013

Product Review : Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Hey Pretties,

When i began to get more interested in makeup, Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara was one of the most talked about mascaras & you know how we humans are, we are usually compelled to do stuff because someone else said good things about it.

 And so i decided to give it a try,but i was truly not so happy with the results.

- It's truly black, but not as dark as i like it
- It originally is cheap

Cons :
- The mascara & assumedly it's brush does absolutely nothing to call one's lash GREAT,at least not mine. No Length, No Volume :-(
- It's not water-proof,yuck!
- I got it for =N=1,500 here, but it felt like a waste of money till i tried using a disposable wand.

I won't repurchase unless the wand and formulation gets changed. But hey,the 'Lots of Lashes' Version was created. I'll review that once i lay my hands upon it.

Pretty K


  1. Really, it used to be my favourite mascara before loreal came up with voluminous lashes... At least for personal use not professional. Happy new year!

  2. You should try Maybelline colossal Volume Express,its a wonder mascara and oppsite of the one you have been using.Its one of there 2012 collections,I got mine in Norway for about 3k naira equivalent.


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